Cool new tool I found to jam with

Could be helpful.

But I believe there are better ways to approach it. Too much clutter for me and way too much to learn at once for my likings. Not only that, but the idea of me playing and remembering this is unlikely(extremely), and you still need to know which notes to target. So to me, smaller mouthfuls are easier to swallow. To each their own, but seems a massive waste of time. Give me a few c,d, and g triads, learn those shapes, I can do alot. With alot less info. Not only that, but this is a years of learning area.

Just my thoughts and what I will be doing. Have fun!

Rock on!


Yea too much for me. Didn’t understand that?

Its for playing with scales what would you remove?

Yes, it is definitely aimed at a player who is at a certain stage in his progress. If you find it involves too much learning then you are probably not ready for it. For me, I don’t feel there is anything new to learn with the tool… it’s more about reinforcing the shapes I know and learning to quickly and comfortably apply them in different keys and positions.

So I don’t need it then either way from the sounds of things. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

Yes, I don’t think you do. It is a fairly specific tool - I just happen to like it because it suits where I’m at currently with my playing.

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@oztelemann I tried to find an AVOYP or something of your playing to get a feel where you are at. But alas there is nothing for video as far as I can tell. You must be at grade 4 or 5 if your playing that well. Just curiosity more than anything. Maybe post one, I always look and listen to all. Don’t always comment. But listen for sure…

Anyways, like I said. Just curiosity.

Rock on!

I don’t really know what grade I am. I’m not doing the “course” as such, but I guess it would be intermediate somewhere. I’m fine with strumming, fingerpicking, open and bar chords as I played a lot of acoustic in my younger days. But now trying electric and getting into blues which is a whole new challenge.

I might post a sound file some day but I doubt I will get into the whole video thing… I’m really over battling with computer technology. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I wouldnt worry, imo that kind of question is out of order and I have blocked them for a year…

Well I am surprised you haven’t at least went through it, one suggestion that is brought up alot, even if you are advanced, go through it and see if there’s any useful info. Crazy amounts of excellent structure info.

There is a really good section on blues in Beginner’s grade 2 that I have been practicing the last few months, with bends, vibrato and a handful of words(licks) to work with.
Beginner’s Blues

5 licks from pattern 1

Don’t know if you caught any of Justin’s blues clubs. But I would check that out too.

Figured if your on a blues kick…you haven’t checked the course(you really should in my opinion) I learned so much it was nuts!

Hope this helps a bit with your journey. :+1::grinning:

Rock on!