Cool new tool I found to jam with

This is pretty basic but so awesome

I recommend going into settings and turning on the whole fret board

Then just pick a key and scale and hit play and away you go, I think pretty much every key/scale combo has its own backing track most seem pretty fun to jam too


Hi Rob,
Personally, I don’t think these kinds of tools will help you learn solo (guitar) patterns faster in the long run… if you memorize those patterns 1 by 1 as recommended by Justin, I think it will ultimately be a lot faster and easier to remember…the whole point is that you can play this by heart as quickly as possible without “cheating” …but of course there is a chance that I am missing the point of this above …I think people are now starting to use too many patterns too quickly without remembering them properly (does that sound logical?) and in the end a lot take longer…


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Did you give it try?

I’ve not tried it yet but, to me, “memorising” these things is about “getting them under your fingers”.

Anything that helps with this, especially if it’s in a musical framework, seems like it might be beneficial.



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I’ve had all that in my head for a long time… but of course I had a quick look… and I therefore think that it is better to memorize each pattern at once and play a long time alone with that one, together with the musical notes on the fretboard, it gives you a huge advantage. …so ultimately I think this actually makes it take longer before you become good at improvising…and this is based on what Justin teaches us…one by one and then you don’t need these kinds of tools, where everything is available at once…

Yep, agree absolutely. Looks like a great tool. Thanks @RobDickinson

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Maybe it takes longer to memorise things this way, I have no idea, but it might also be more fun than going the one by one route. In that case, I wouldn’t mind going slower, I don’t have to get anywhere by a certain time.


This goes against all the advice of Justin and the teachers, what you wanting here… and after all it is the same notes 5 times divided over five different patterns (yes, each with your own dynamics, but as a beginner you can’t do much with that yet). …why would it take you unnecessarily much longer (really much longer) to be able to play the same (notes) music well?
But good for anyone who wants their own detour ( i have done it also the hard way)…I also learned all 5 CAGED in a few weeks (8 or 10 ??? ) before joining Justin…it was a waste of my time because I could (of course) not play with it in that time in a somewhat decent manner :grimacing:

Have fun Els and believe me when I say it is way more fun learning this one by one :sunglasses:

Liking that, It’s a very simple but effective interface.
Would be useful if you could program a series of key changes. Maybe something that the ‘Pro’ subscription may offer?

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This is indeed a cool tool, Rob. Nice share! :smiley:
It brings together a lot of different aspect that I have fiddled around with on and off for years
Major/minor/pentatonic scale patterns along the whole fretboard; root notes. Great for visual learners.
I have no pretensions (yet :laughing:) of proper impro, but have been known to noodle scaly rubbish for fun…
Everything else aside, I just spent half a good twenty minutes trying to figure out what the different chord progressions were on the Am sample.
Bookmarked! :sunglasses:

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OK… Nothing is forcing you to play more than 1 position here.

It can display more yes, it also shows the root note etc too.

But I feel it’s more useful a step on from that

Cheers @RobDickinson , I know all 5 pentatonic positions inside out so this might make a refreshing change from youtube backing tracks, I’ll give it a whirl.

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I want nothing, besides having fun. And as I said, it MIGHT be more fun (never said it “is” more fun). I never said I would be going down that route, I never said I wouldn’t take Justin’s advise into account. I just wanted to say that fun is an important factor, and if this thing can help people to have fun and not get (too) bored, then that MIGHT be a valuable tool, even if it means you progress les fast. All depending on the exact functioning of the app, and where you are in your journey, of course. So no need to worry on my behalf.

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I just wanted to be helpful…your response surprised me a bit…sorry,that you feel it that way…

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ah no worries, we all have our own views and no one is forcing anyone to use this

I agree Rob. If one finds something guitar related that seems like a good “share”, by all means post it & let us adults make our own choices.
I for one might not use this particular tool, but then again, I might!
Just don’t like to be a wet blanket & spoil anyone else’s fun!


It’s OK. I had a quick play and, personally, I don’t find it that useful but that is a personal PoV. I found myself just concentrating on the Jamming and not watching the screen for the prompts to change position.

It reminds me a bit of the Session mode that I occasionally used to use when I played Rocksmith.



I think it will be part of my daily practice schedule for a while. I have been sort of stuck in working on Am over the same old backing track, and this is a good way to get myself out of that rut. I like the different styles of backing tracks it offers and it’s a nice challenge to try and match the feel of an improv to the track on-the-fly.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m here! :laughing:

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Thanks!!! ???

I can’t get rocksmith to run with my 2i2, I know the hacks it just doesn’t work…

Could always dig out the actual cable but meh

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