Cool t-shirt and playing in front of people

Hope everyone had a great xmas. Had a great boxing day. Got a cool t-shirt from my mate (pic below) and actually played in front of people, for the first time, including some i didn’t know and it wasn’t too bad. They had an old unused acoustic covered in dust with rusty, knackered strings but I managed to get it tuned and play a few songs, more a guess the song from the intro as it was hard to play properly but I surprised myself, and enjoyed it


Congrats on playing for an audience for the first time. That’s actually a big step, and very cool. :grinning:

You are on a roll. Keep it going!

Uh oh, going on the road soon, eh?

Awesome. Here’s to many more.

Hey Ross that’s fantastic. What’s written on your new T reminds me of this “I want to wear out not rust out”.

Lemmy … what a legend. That is a cool t-shirt.

Bravo on playing in front of people for the first time, Ross.

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No sleep till Hammersmith! :metal::sunglasses::metal:

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Thanks J.W.C, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, a couple of beers helped. And it did feel cool :sunglasses:

Thanks chase, will try to keep onnit

Not quite yet sah22, never even jammed with anyone else yet

Thanks Tony, here’s hoping

Thanks batwoman. Or the classic ‘it’s better to burn out than fade away’

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Indeed David, one of my all time heros

Thanks, it was good fun

Indeed Brian. My favourite live album, and favourite band

Well done Ross, huge achievement. :sunglasses:

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