Cordoba C5-CE

I’m thinking of picking one of these up as a beginner classical guitar. I’ve read mixed reviews.

Lots of folks say it is an awesome beginner classical guitar. I read one review on guitar center with the person saying the neck twisted. Here was the review:

If you want a guitar to treat it like a baby, this one could be you, otherwise, read this carefully. I wonder if all the good reviews on this product were written in the warmth of the emotion, right after they got it, because when I first got it, I was impressed with the sound quality, which lasted only for a month. When the weather got cold in november 2017, one morning I found my guitar with the frets very sharp to touch and the neck bent. I brought it to Guitar Center and they told me that I should have a humidifier on the same room I keep my guitar on winter, for the wood is too sensitive to weather. So, they charged me 60 bucks and fixed the neck. Then, I kept my guitar inside my bedroom where the humidifier was always on. One morning my guitar had a broken 5º string. I replaced it and the next day the bridge was broken (I use only light tension string). I fixed it but the neck keeps bent and the frets very sharp. All for all I will not recommend this guitar at all, for it was a frustrating experience. I also need to mention that the tuner is no longer working properly and the battery is very hard to be removed.

I really hope I don’t have to baby this guitar if I got it.

I’m going to say maybe the quality control wasn’t consistent on the lower end lines? Looking at a used “like new” condition C5-Ce tomorrow listed for $300 with a case, capo, and some instructional books.

I do know how to site down the neck to check for straightness but I’m going alone and do know how to check for other flaws.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this guitar. BTW, I’m not sure I’m using the search function correctly because I did not find one thread about the Cordoba C5-CE or even just the C5 in general and I know someone has posted about this model before.


I don’t think you will find much about classical guitars on here. Better to search for reviews elsewhere (Google, YouTube etc.). From what I remember when I was looking for classical instrument C5 was on my shortlist.

Whatever you buy, if possible, take it to the luthier for setup. It will take a lot off your mind if the guitar is checked and set by professional.

Have you looked at that guitar yet?

A lot of people seem to like Cordobas in general. Like Yamaha, they tend to make solid entry level instruments and very good or better high end ones. But, sometimes quality control isn’t so great on these lower end models.

A quick scan of reverb in the $250-$400 price range would indicate that $300 for a used C5 is probably an excellent price if it really is in excellent shape.

It is hard to judge a guitar from the review of one disenfranchised buyer who had a bad experience. If all C5s imploded like that it would be well known.

I like Kremona. I have a higher end one (90th Anniversary model) and love it. I have a friend with a lower end model S65C and he loves it.

Guitar Center has one of these at a good price. They will ship to a local Guitar Center (if you are in the US) for $20 and if something is wrong with it you don’t have to accept it. You may lose the $20 though.

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The one I’m going to look at was made in Portugal, so I think it is pre 2008 but stated as excellent condition.

No - going to look for the first time this morning. It is made in Portugal which I think is before 2008 before they started making them in China.

Well, good luck! That is a good price and if there are no surprises, you probably won’t go wrong.

I don’t know about the C5-CE model, I recently bought a C5-SP which is a standard Classical Guitar, and I’m very happy with it, it’s nicely refined and looks pretty elegant as well, to my beginner’s eyes! More than that it sounds beautiful (I restrung it to tell the truth and chose a good quality strings gauge). I think the CE model is electrified and you might like that for Bossa Nova, and it has the cutaway. Good luck on your purchase! Look foward to listen to some Bossa Nova when you’ll feel ready to share :blush:

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Let us know how the purchase went :slight_smile: .

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I think SP = spruce top and CE = cedar top.

Cedar tends to be a little warmer than spruce and may be a little lighter in weight. It is also quite a bit softer, so more easily dinged.

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I’m passing - it was an older Portugal made C5-CE and they didn’t have an amp or battery to test the electronics. They never even played it that way. I was able to get them down to $250 with the case and some instructional books.

It was in decent shape but not the “Like new” condition they stated and it didn’t have the Fishman electronics but rather the B Band electronics. These were made pre 2008 when they started making in them in China. So this guitar was made in early 2000’s.

However, I was in guitar center yesterday and played a newer one and got the bug to get a new one after plugging it in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guitar Center can get me one for $459 - Amazon is having a Prime Day in 9 days so I’m thinking I’ll pick one up now @ my local GC and test drive it for their 45 day policy.

I deciphered it as SP = Spruce and CE is for classical electric. The C5-CE comes as natural color of Cedar, whereas the Spruce color is natural as well but listed as C5-CE-SP.

This is the one I bought C5 SP and below the C5 CE SP which looks exactly like mine but with the cutaway electrified, so I also think CE might stand for Classical Electric.

I played the C5-CE-SP yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, then the New Guitar Day is ahead :slight_smile: , hope you will be happy with your choice.

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