Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys (Acoustic Cover)

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another acoustic cover, always loved this song and found it very cool to practice certain chord changes, also the lyrics are a little bit hard to get right if english is not your first language (at least for me it was quite challenging :sweat_smile:).

I’ve practiced it for about 3 weeks and posted the first recording. It’s getting there but still some stuff to polish, like the Bm and F#m chords, and the voice, I feel more comfortable the more I practice it so I’ll keep at it, definitely a song I want in my repertoire.

Hope you enjoy it and can help me spot other issues with the performance.



@KevinKevan hey Kevin! My favourite band and we share the same hometown. Sheffield aka The Steel City.

I really enjoyed your cover. There’s some really tricky chord changes in Cornerstone and you made it seem easy! I used to have this in my repertoire but always seemed to struggle during the bridge which wasn’t a problem for you.

And to say English isn’t your first language, you did a stellar job of sounding like a true northerner like the Monkeys!

Keep up the great work :smiley:

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Kevan, a really nice performance. Your timing was good. The chord changes, difficult as they are, were good. The vox was good.
I’m an American and English seems like a second language when I get the chance to visit. :grin:

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Loved it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You have a nice singing voice, and I think you’re doing fine with the lyrics.

(I can’t even sing in my first language :joy:)


That was excellent playing and singing Kevin. I’m not a big AM fan but I really enjoyed the song.

Nothing I can help with as it all looked good to me. Keep on keeping on.

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it’s a beautiful difficult song, and you did a great cover!
Everything is fine with the lyrics too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great performance Kevin. You made those difficult chord changes look straightforward. I enjoyed that.

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Nice performance Kevin. Big fan of AM and I thought your cover was pretty good. Nice strumming and clean chord changes.

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Excellent performance: good rhythm and flow, clean changes. My only suggestion is to experiment with a capo. You might be able to lift the key such that the vocal is in a slightly more comfortable register for you.

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Another enjoyable performance, Kevin. Nothing I can offer to help ongoing improvement.

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Kevin/Kevan, first day commenting and first video watched. Nice work! Or just I say, nice play! Playing music! Don’t know what took me so long to understand that concept - fun! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice cover Kevin. Its a song I dont know, but i enjoyed your version.

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Hi there. Very cool groove. I completely fall for it. Vocally you are there as well. 5 star man

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@CYPGMB Thanks! Your accent over there is quite unique and definitely adds to the Monkeys vibes. BTW great cover you did on good ol’ Noel Gallaghe, in my opinion one of his finest songs.

@J.W.C Thanks for the tip again! I feel it would also help to sing louder, I keep getting too self conscious about my neighbours maybe listening :sweat_smile:

@kevguitar Thanks! I sometimes forget it too, and have to remind myself to relax and just try to enjoy it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for commenting, I promise I’ll get some gear and try to record in a better quality at some point :rofl:

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Never heard this song before but really enjoyed it and your singing was fine also.

Hi Kevin, I think that you’ve recorded a pretty accurate cover. Good work. Can’t add anything to what’s already said but enjoyed it.

Great job Kevin! Really love your vibe :sunglasses: