Could you recommend sources to learn mixing and mastering

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As some of you may know we released our first single and the most important flaw of our single is that it is lack of mix and master. Because we can’t afford hiring professional it is best for me to learn at least enough amount of mix and mastering but I still couldn’t find a good source to follow like Justin’s guitar teaching source. So, could you provide me a good and efficient source or ideas how to learn mixing and mastering.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Erkan, Two sources I’ve used. Both offer free courses, then there is the option to sign up for more in depth or specialty courses.

Here’s the links to the free courses.

Graham Cochrane, Recording Revolution. He specializes in recording and production and has a big range of paid courses.

Chris Liepe, My Musical Voice. He is primarily a vocal coach, but well versed in recording and production. He worked for a time in the Sweetwater Studios.

Here’s a ss of the first part of his free course.


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Warren Huart has a great channel on this:

Rick Beato also has some videos on production. It might take a bit of searching through his catalogue. I think he has some playlists premade on his channel. Example, here’s a video where he explains how compression works:

Important thing to note here is that you’ll get better by doing it (the same as guitar). I personally prefer doing more reading (forum posts, articles) than actually watching tutorials in this field. Unless it is a software specific question, I would recommend you to rather understand the concepts and techniques (let’s say what EQ does, or what a compression is for example) and not just solely focus on “what does this plugin do” (again, this is not an absolute rule and there is many super specific plugins that only do one thing that nothing else can do it, etc.).

Hope this helps!


The book Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science is well worth getting.




This is a really interesting thread, thanks OP for bringing this question up. :+1:

As I’ve been interested in learning more about home/studio recording, mixing and other post-prod processes (it’s hopefully not too late to change profession, at least to some extent), I started watching the lessons in this course and I like them pretty much so far:

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I thank everyone who attributed to my question. These answers are really helpful indeed. I will start to practice immediately.

I’m a visual learner and I found this 3-part video on mixing very helpful to put all the building blocks into context.
You’ll have to brace yourself to look past the 80s’ look/sound and technology, but the basic concepts seem to be solid. The meaty bit for me was in the second part


I just started recording lessons at Guitar Center. I had been taking electric guitar lessons at the same location and was impressed with the instructor I had. It isn’t cheap but, at least at my location, I found it very worthwhile. Now, wanting to get some recording instructions added into the mix (no pun intended), I paused the guitar lessons and switched over to recording. I am even more impressed with the knowledge of my recording instructor. Learning recording in a DAW has already helped advance my playing, as well. I think Justin has a lesson/video on the many benefits of learning to use a DAW that go beyond the actual mixing/recording.

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There are also courses by David Vignola of Home Recording Made Easy. I have not tried his mixing courses yet but his Recording in Studio One was very good.

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I vouch for this video, it is amazing.

@ErkanBolt, really great advice from others here. One thing I can add is, mixing is not something that you learn like how to set up a guitar, like playing an instrument, it is an artistic skill that you could work on to develop your entire life.

While working on your mixing skills, you can find a lot of amateurs who are looking for opportunities to develop their skills and would be happy to do it for free provided you cite their name. Not sure if forum rules allow external links so won’t link to a place where you could find them.


Hey Brian. I am a visual learner too. I can’t thank you enough for this source you are amazing very much thank you.

@elevatortrim I agree on your first comment Serhat. Mixing is a lifetime skills to learn and improve.

@jbm Thank you John I will look at it asap.

Wow never knew that. Would you mind sharing the links here? Pretty busy to do all the thing myself so would be glad if someone could lighten the load :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Since often hearing @DavidP referring to mixing and mastering I thought when I get some free down time I’d have a watch at some videos to get a better understanding. I came across the below series which may be of interest to others.


Bandlab is free, you just need to register. It can master for you. I have no idea how good it is.

I think you can just drag and drop your sound file onto this page.