Counting Losses (the minus and plus)

tried to capture my current mood with a song called “Counting Losses (the minus and plus)”.


Counting Losses (the minus and plus)

For too long I looked away, refused to weigh
Admit the loss, count the cost
Now I cannot pretend, down to the end
Right in front of me, apparently

The drain of the pain, the regret and the blame
Gets ya’ nowhere but we do it all the same

Now I look it in the eye, the mirror’s making me cry
What do you do, when you wanted more
By the end of the game, don’t like score

You take it on the chin, ‘cause you can’ t win
Your cheek is turned to the sting and the burn

Now there’s weights and scales, ledgers and lines
Want them to disappear but the math is clear
The minus and plus adds up to us

Now it’s on my mind, was it a waste of time?
Don’t look it that way, how it had to be, can’t you see

You became what you are because of the scars
Through the black and the blue, that’s what made you


For too long I looked away, refused to weigh
Now I admit the loss, count the cost
Adding up to us, the minus and plus, the minus and plus, adding up to us
All these weights and scales, ledgers and lines
All these weights and scales, ledgers and lines
Will not erase dear, the math is clear, the math is clear will not erase my dear


I enjoyed the song, Danny. Thougt it had quite a Dylan-esque vibe in the verses. Good job all round.

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Lovely song Danny and nicely played. Great job on another original!

It’s a great song short of a little variation in the vocal melody;
a diamond in the rough

Try prolonging some different syllables and finding different melody lines here and there.
It will be soothing experience for the listener as it will feel less as a “list” of things and more as a story

You have a need way to break conventions; why not break the mold even a bit more?

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Hey Danny, nice song and performance. Yes I can hear the Dylan influence but I was feeling David Gray (Babylon etc.) too. There’s something about the purity of one voice and one guitar that you can’t beat. Nice one.

thank you for listening

thanks much eddie

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appreciate the feedback
i will have to rethink it entirely then
must admit i have not been happy with the chorus

thank you for listening Knee_Wobbler

Not really;
the core is good; the decoration needs to “curl” a bit more, that’s all :wink:

Very beautiful. Little improvement. Perfection. :guitar::kissing_heart:

very kind of you
thanks for listening

:guitar::kissing_heart: @docdanguitarman

Tx Gagan for the listen and reply

I’m gonna have to use that phrase ‘well-crafted’ again, Dan.
(I’ve still got a Stupid Smile on my face :smiley:)

I’m not sure I agree with @LievenDV ieven that it’s the melody- I think it’s the rhythm of the vocals that might benefit from variation. The verses and chorus are all stressed on the 1 & 3. If that’s intentional, cool. One useful bit of advice that @Richard_close2u gave me years ago, was that he never understood why singers felt they had to stick to the bars and chord changes,and not sing across chord progressions if that makes sense. I struggle to do this, but try to keep it in mind,
Keep 'em coming :smiley:

That was very “enjoyable” Danny, where the “” mean that while the music was really enjoyable the lyrics had me think and connect… I hope you don’t get me wrong, they were very good too! I loved the fingerstyle especially, so very well played!

for someone who values words/lyrics that’s a high compliment Silvia
thanks much

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