Cover - John Denver -Leaving On A Jet Plane Fingerstyle - Electric/Acoustic only

Hello all!

This one has been a long time in coming. I’ve been saving a few for O.M.'s. But like many have said, you can still perform it on the O.M.'s anyway. I wanted the shock factor. But alas I have come up with a practice video that is more of a play the song one. Also, it will probably be better when I actually do!To be honest. No singing involved here, though I can here myself singing the lyrics to myself a bit. Helps keeping me in the groove is the only thing I can figure out!!!

Anyways, like always. Critical, Constructive criticism welcomed.

Rock on!



A listener from Olld Scotia here! The pick pattern comes across really well and I imagined singing along. Earlier in the piece you’re slightly rushing the change from D to G but the tempo’s far more consistent later. Well played.