Cover of Roo Panes - A message to myself

Was out for a walk last night and this came on my headphones. A three chord trick with a nice simple riff on the C Shape

I found the timing and strumming pattern the hardest part - and the riff. That doesn’t leave much. Haha. This is the best I got to for now…

Roo Panes… Don’t know much about the chap but he sounds kinda soulful to my ear.

I enjoyed listening, playing along with the track and finding the chords and riff without looking up the tabs which might sound a bit daft but there you go.


Really nice song/artist that I’m not familiar with, will have to remedy that. Excellently played and sang :clap:

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I really liked this Dom. I don’t know the original, but your version has a nice laid back feeling to it. The dynamics in the strumming, the repeating melody, your voice - it all fits very well together.

The intro suffers a bit from buzzing and muted notes. I’m not sure what’s causing this, maybe you could try moving your fingers a bit closer to the fret?

Another cracker of a song Dom.