Cover of Tom Waits' song, Hold On

Just wrapped up this recording of the Tom Waits song, Hold On. I play it mostly as Justin taught it but I add a variant to the D chord and I do without the capo, as that was a key I could not sing in. I am still using a GoPro to record as it sounds better than my phone, but the quality is not great. Hopefully I can start buying some proper recording devices soon. Please post your thoughts and thanks for taking the time to listen!


You do well, Benjy! I am enjoying your song choices. This one was new to me, but I went back and listened to one of Tom Waits’ videos with lyrics and also the beginning of Justin’s lesson. It’s a pretty song with emotion and grit. Good job on your performance.

Thanks PK!

Nice playing. Good embellishments when going from D to Dsus2

Benji, a nice energetic rendition of this song; solid rhythm, and I like the way you let loose on the vocal. Well done

Ah yes… Dsus2… :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks GNS!

Thanks for checking it out oldhead!

Nice one Benji!
First time I’ve heard you, and it was most enjoyable.
Keep em comin :+1:

Cheers, Shane

Thanks for giving it a listen sclay!

Another good one from you Benji. A new song for me but really enjoyable.

Thanks for giving a listen Sgt!