Cover of Townes Van Zants Waiting around to die

Thanks Eddie! I’m thinking of moving on to Pancho and Lefty, but I’m not sure if I have what it takes in motivation, seems kinda hard to learn.

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Lars that was very well performed, whatever mistakes were bugging you those were minor and barely noticable, we are always the worst critics of ourselves so be assured it was really good :slight_smile:

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Fantastic performance Lars! You must have successfully conveyed the song’s emotion, because now I need cheering up. (Hi Ho Silver Lining perhaps :grinning:)


Thank you! I hope you’ll find something to cheer you up.

Hej Lars, det er fantastisk! :smiley:
We definitely need more Scandi-noir depression in this community! (Where are you @tRONd :laughing:)
I’m not aware of anyone else in the community having covered Townes before, but I do love a lot of his music. You do it justice here and it would be a good reason alone to learn some fingerstyle. Maybe one day… :thinking:
Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of working through some more of his catalogue, Marie probably hits my guts the hardest. Fancy a giving it a go at some stage? :wink:
Hilsen etc.

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Nice work Lars. Never heard this song before, but I enjoyed your picking and overall performance.

Awsome Lars!!!
Love that song and you did it justice. Sounded cool :fire:


Anything with Van Zants in the tittle catches my eye but Townes was new name for me.
But Googling him, his picture rang some distant bells from way back when. Thought you did a grand job on the picking and vocals. To me the recording was perfectly acceptable and plenty good enough for share here. Always like the songs you choose and the way you deliver them. More please !


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Thanks! I’ll definitely look up Marie, sounds promising.

Thanks, i appreciate it a lot.

You made my day, thanks man!

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Mastering a fingerstyle piece can take ages but is so rewarding. I have been working on similar songs since late summer but have yet to complete anything so i appreciate how much work goes in to it. if I could record something at that level I would be very happy indeed.

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Thanks! I agree it takes time and patience. At first it feels like it’s impossible. But as many says, if you start slow it finally will end up in the muscle memory.

That was super Lars.

Most enjoyable, Lars. Whatever slight mistakes you may have made were not obvious to me.

You mentioned using a mic to record this.

I think the tone of both vocal and guitar were good, nothing to worry about in my opinion.

What may be worth some experimentation is mic placement. I felt, and this is entirely my taste and preference, that the guitar could have been a little louder. It was not soft enough to be a problem, just my preference when balancing guitar and vocal.

So depending on the type of mic, some positioning adjustments for recording picked guitar and vocal may help.

Now if you do have a two channel interface, and the guitar has a pickup, and the mic is a dynamic then you may get a better result using the guitar pickup and positioning the mic for the vocal specifically. Quite a few 'if’s there and a ‘may’. I say may because in many cases the builtin pickups of an acoustic don’t deliver as pleasing acoustic guitar tone as a mic. Perhaps I should say this is generally the case unless you have high-end quality on that pickup.

So if you have a condensor mic, then I think worth that positioning experimentation. But having said that, the recording and performance souned pretty darn good to me as you shared.

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Thank you for the kind words! Now I got motivated to experiment with the sound. I totally agreed that the guitar should be louder. I think this will be my project of this Saturday evening.

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Hey I really enjoyed that. I don’t know lots of Townes but this is one of the ones that I do know and I thought you did it really well. Thank you!

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Loving the vibe on this one Lars. Once again, great playing and singing.

Thank you so much!