When A Song Just Feels Right

Have you ever had that great feeling when you’re learning to play/sing a song and it just “feels right?” Every once in a while one comes along like that. Although I’ve been a fan of the song for a long time (and sung it in my truck, etc), I’ve never played Pancho and Lefty (written by Townes Van Zandt, but the version most familiar to me is the one by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard) until this evening. I’ve probably run through it (just acoustic guitar and vocal) about a dozen times or so, now, and it’s feeling good. I love that.


Never had that feeling yet, but one day… :wink:
Love me a bit of Townes. I believe I’ve only ever seen one cover of his on the forum and the comment I left there is just as valid here.
Go on. Press record and share :smiley:

Hi Jason, have you seen the documentary ‘Heartworn Highways’, featuring Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Steve Earl and others, worth a look.
To answer you question, yes some songs do get me like that, it just feel ‘right’ when being played. :smiley:

It’s a pretty silly song, but I felt that way when I tried “Hey Ya” by Outkast. Just fell into place.

Love the song Pancho and Lefty (I only know the Nelson/Haggard version). It occasionally goes on a repeat loop in my head, I can only imagine how good it must have felt playing “on loop” on the guitar. Good on you.

I have occasionally achieved the feeling you describe. Most recently I was playing around with Proud Mary and somehow it evolved into a country swing rhythm that I kept playing for 15-20 minutes … I just didn’t want to lose that feeling.


Pretty sure it would ‘feel right’ to me most of the time if I could play and sing as well as you do, Jason :rofl:

Jokes aside, I have moments when it feels I am playing (sometimes also singing) and it just feels and sounds good, flowing, without exerting huge focus and concentration, determination to get it right. Love those moments. And I then remind myself that because they’ve happened, then they can happen again, and hopefully over time happen more frequently.