Cover- Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

Helloooooo all!!! Been awhile! I have been diligently working and practicing away! Figured it was time to post another…i have that dreaded F chord in this one!! Getting it…but as i have already mentioned still mastering that one. Mostly going for being in the groove and makimg it flow, no matter what.

The singing is just there cause i like to practice singing and playing…and yes it stops and comes in…i need better set ups. Anyways, is what it is. :slight_smile:

i am an accoustic kinda guy. Altbough electric is on the board in the nearestish future! Lol.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. :slight_smile:

Cheers, rock on and SOCIABLE! :cocktail: :fist_left: :sunglasses: :v:

Sylvia gave me an idea, post the original! What a concept! Lol. :slight_smile:

Original link

Updated play along. Standing up/electric Acoustic. 5 months later.

And the Acoustic only, mostly version. I was going for no singing but once again the singing comes and goes! Oh my. It is what it is.

Like always. Constructive criticism welcome.
Rock on!


Hello Darren :wave:

I think you have achieved your goal as you definetely were in the groove!
I don’t know the song so I can’t say much.
Have you ever thought about giving the singing some practice on its own? It would be worth trying as your strumming sounds very good and varied

I’m afraid it’s exactly the other way round for me … I sing and the guitar stops and comes in :see_no_evil::joy:

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Yeah, i have had that problem in the nearest past. Stop olaying, fingers no working or funding the chords! I am happy i was able to pass that.

I have never just practiced the singing. I am having a jard time finding my voice. But it has improved like a touch. And i mean a touch. May have to try that and see what happens.

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Hi Darren,
Nice job on the guitar playing and you seem quite comfortable playing. With the singing you just need to go for it. Your voice is an instrument too and needs practice. The more you use it the better you will get. Just open it up and go for it.
Keep going!!!

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Hi Darren,

That was great, definitely in the groove, chords sounded good, transitions were good. :clap: :clap: :clap:
I’m trying to sing and play too and finding it challenging but it’s getting easier although voice doesn’t sound great. Maybe some singing lesson? Hats off to you for going for it.
Never heard the song before but just added it to a playlist, so thanks for introducing me to it.

Best wishes,


Spot on groove Darren, love this song and most of Black Gold actually.
Singing will come in time and finding “your” voice is a definite challenge. I only feel now I’m beginning to understand mine better after 18 months of playing and singing. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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Hello Darren, so nice to see you posting a song here again :smiley:.

I love watching you play with so much passion :star_struck:.
The singing will improve over time. I’m no great singer either, but since I started this guitar journey, my vocals have definitely got better :blush:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Well thank you, alot of practice to to able to keep hand moving and moving along. Still will be a practicing more.

And yeah, that’s what i have been told. That yoir viice is an instrument as well. Just not sure if this instrument can be tuned…i use 2 different octaves and didn’t even realize i changed er up. But recording myself sure does help. :slight_smile:

Cheers! Rock on and SOCIABLE!


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Thank you for your kind words my brother! I figure i’ll jist keep singing and recording, I know the basics of what i have to do, compress the voice deep breaths push out from abdomen and that stuff. But never really “practiced”. Someday when i have rhythym and singing down better. Always happy to ipenbup new doors and avenues of music foe peeps.

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Thanx Notter. I have been following and watching the open mic evemts and everyone has improved alot. Sure shows that practice can make better. Very inspiring to a guy who has a hard time finding the voice. :slight_smile: . And yours has definately improved!!

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Well thank you Nicole!! I do really love this community. I just don’t have the time to post much. However coming back and putting up videos just to say…i’m still here and yes i’m still practicing and jamming. I feel this is important

That is one of the things i really concentrate on. Passion, enthusiasm, and rhythm. Probably because it really is a passion of mine, Played this song maybe 50 times…will be playing it hundreds more, part of my repertoire.


Isn’t it a wonderful thing - watching the own repertoire grow :star_struck:. Although it’s a very slow progress (at least in my case :sweat_smile:), it brings so much joy :blush:.

Keep on having fun :smiley:!

It is pleasureable, no doubt about it. My repetoire has grown to almost, if not 20 songs that i practice on a regular. Have the chords memorized for at least half of them. Get me the lyrics and i’ll play it! Right through from start to end no matter what happens! What an awesome feeling. One year later after following Justin and this community and i have surpassed my expectations by 10 fold! :slight_smile: . I will have to do a write up on the whole progress and how i got there someday. Someday. Lol

Cheers, rock on and SOCIABLE! :cocktail:


Very nicely played there Darren, you sure did have a great groove going on.

I agree with others on the singing, keep practicing with it and it will improve. Also, learn the words and not just read them as you are singing along, you will also find that will make singing easier.

Updated play along.

Like always constructive criticism welcome!

Rock on!

Hi Darren,
I think it’s a very good idea that you update your songs :sunglasses: :clap:…I should also do that as planned… :blush:
I also think it’s great that you do this in the threads of the first posted one, because that way those who want can easily compare and it keeps the forum a little tidier :sunglasses:… but I think you should ask the Mods if they change your topic title because otherwise no one will see that there is anything new to see (I accidentally clicked at the bottom of another post where the suggestions then appear, otherwise I would never have said it again)

Edit; I see you also I have created a separate topic…there is no need for the mods to adjust the tittle I think…at least not as I suggested it…

Hello Roger. Thank you. It was actually what I was thinking about was to save time and try to keep it tidy for me and others to see.

I have thought of the fact that it hasn’t really been updated to the new list, but hoping it would show up in the most recent lists. I did think of this, but not a big factor for me. Alot of it is for my personal viewing and proving to myself, hey, this is me! But I do enjoy the constructive criticism and don’t hold back. I’m a big boy, will take the info relevant and run with it!! Lol

I will let the mods decide and if all is good with them. All is good with me. :v:

Rock on!

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Well, isn’t that something. I have a copy right thingy coming up for this song. Luckily the owner allows it on u-tube. I have it as unlisted as well. But nice to know. First time that has happened.

Rock on!

Accoustical only, mostly version! :crazy_face:

Like always constructive criticism welcomed.

Rock on!