Covid 19 SUCKS for being in a band

Here in Denmark (I’m sure it’s the same many places) the most recent strain of the Covid19 virus, Omikron, is sweeping quickly over the population. We break “records” for amount of infected per day all the time… Good news - not many are getting seriously ill… bad news - it’s really, really hard to meet at a regular basis for band practice when the members come from 5 different families.

We’re normally rehearsing on Mondays, but all the time someone will be a “close contact” to someone infected… and we’ll have to cancel. OMG I can’t wait for all of this to be over…

(yes, that was an unproductive rant post… :slight_smile: )


That’s okay buddy. You can do an “unproductive rant” post. Get it off your chest, I totally understand. Here in the USA, a lot of citizens (like I’d say at least 70% perhaps?) are fed up with it and we’ve just gone on living our lives anyway. There’s a daily fight with it that some face, but not as much as you probably live with. Most of us don’t wear masks anymore even though it’s encouraged. Here in my state, life is pretty much normal again with a few exceptions. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Keep your head up and hopefully this will all lift this year. I know we’re all sick of it. It’s pushing on what, a little over two years now dealing with this?


It’s been very much the same here in the UK Kasper, we’ve gone through the worst of it now though; the high level of vaccination seems to have helped. We all know that we’re probably never going to see a complete end to it, viruses don’t do that. We have had to learn to live with it and probably learn some more! Life is getting more ‘normal’ here which is good, things are getting more relaxed. We come off compulsory use of masks here tomorrow and are allowed to mix relatively freely; I think that my wife and myself will probably be a bit careful about it but really want to see our son and daughter and our grandchildren more.
I hope things go well for you and your family and friends and your country comes through it all like we have.
Good luck and stay safe, stay healthy!

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There’s a whole lot of cases in Ontario (Canada) right now, and although this variant is milder the sheer quantity of infections has more people in the hospital then before. I find it very discouraging because lab results are taking 6-8 weeks instead of 2, and ‘elective’ surgeries and procedure are once again on hold. ‘Elective’ unfortunately includes non life threatening cancer surgeries (not immediately life threatening at least), and that’s shameful. I’m quite happy to be working at home again but I’d rather it not be due to the number of cases. We are really starting to miss get-together with our friends, but we both value our health and since we both have some health challenges we continue to stay to ourselves. It will be wonderful though when live music is back to normal, and we’re comfortable going out to listen.


In the UK we were up to 150K infections per day. It’s on the way back down now and it hasn’t had to bad an effect on hospitalisations.

Sometime Kasper, you have just got to get things off your chest.

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Yeah, we’re getting close to 50k per day here in DK - which is crazy, the total population size taken into account (a bit below 6M).
BUT, it’s kind of a calculated risk… we keep the society pretty open, and due to a fairly high vaccination rate we don’t see many getting seriously sick or even hospitalized. The mathematical models also seems to suggest we should “top out” soon, and then see a big improvement. I think we’ll pretty much all end up getting it here in DK within the next month or so… fingers crossed it won’t be too bad :wink:


Not quite the same but we have, by some miracle, just managed to successfully get through all 4 performances of our local village Pantomime.

This involved 19 children from 11 different local schools, and 12 adults in the cast, as well as 40+ other adults including the Producers, Directors, Stage Management, props, scenery, chaperones, set up and tear down in show week, and the band.

The whole thing has been extremely fraught as we had to deal with various absences over the last few months due to illness or self-isolation, and we also had some last minute cast changes including one major cast member dropping out.

Such were the absences that we only managed 2 full rehearsals with a full cast, the last one being at the Dress Rehearsal last Tuesday.

Just before Xmas it looked like we would have to cancel the whole thing, and in the last few weeks we were expecting either to have the Government impose restrictions, or have an important cast member or member of the product team catch Covid, either of which would have meant abandoning the show.

All of us were taking LFTs before every rehearsal and almost daily from New Year onwards, and rehearsals were conducted in a drafty hall with all the windows open and everyone wearing face masks (and lots of jumpers, gloves and fleeces).

In the end, and to the delight of all those involved (including the audience, apparently) it went ahead. Unfortunately, one of the kids felt unwell and tested positive after the Saturday matinee (after testing negative in the morning), so had to drop out, but it was a minor part so we managed without him.

It was hard work but, in the end, it was a triumph and everyone was glad we did it.



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