Cracking April fools joke!

I watch this person for her amazing Harp playing and the things she does with it, but this morning she came up with this…


And this. Seems like it was a collaboration.




Satire dialled in :joy:

Very disappointed that they did not do an EverReady sim, think they missed the boat on that one. Had to follow the bouncy ball though and thought the T-Shirt was great !!!
Nice share peeps.

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@DarrellW As an aside, thank you the intro to Emily Hopkins’ though. Listening to her music over a late Sunday breakfast now. Guessing with an electric harp she can isolate the pick up of individual strings?

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It’s not like that I don’t think, it’s usually a Piezo pickup with a Harp if it’s Acoustic and grouped if it’s Electric.

So this explains everything. My guitar tone is bad because all I use in 9V power supply instead of the appropriate battery. :grinning: :battery:

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I watched an interview with Eric Johnson, who the battery debate is based on. He said he had a super powerful battery in one of his pedals and it created “noise.” A duracell battery was handy so he replaced it and it sounded great. His never tested theory was that the voltage was too high on the high powered battery. So now he uses duracell but he also said he’s never done A/B testing with different battery brands and he wishes the debate would just go away.