Crazy combination of me and Adele

Who’d a thunk? Me and Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with distortion and miles of palm muted power chords. Yes the PRS Zach Myers SE can chug! No vocal by me but this will give your wrists a workout!….Rod


Can chug indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Fantastic example of turning an exercise into a bit of fun to keep you motivated, keep them coming.

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Loving your videos Rod. :guitar: :grinning:

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@Rod58 loved it, chugging indeed! Cheers, Mike

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From the look of it, you seem to be ready to head into barre chord territory

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If so, I’ll try some of what you’re having :rofl:
I’ve followed your recent flurry of posts and am lovin’ it.

I suspect you picked up a lot more than you credit from your previous attempts, as that level of playing/performance from a Christmas start would be outrageous.

Your easy way with words and relaxed vibe makes you an entertaining watch.
Keep 'em coming

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Hi Rod,
Cool :sunglasses:, you talk easy and you look very relaxed,
Greetings, Rogier

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Very kind, only high on life! I’m striving for excellence in retirement. If it feels like work I’m dropping it. Voice over stuff started feeling like work. I learned a lot in how to physically record good mono voice, did a few children’s books and short voice tags but chasing gigs was a treadmill and i just stopped.

I have literally not touched a guitar for over 20 years and could not play one chord from memory. In the fall of last year i thought “what do i want to really learn now that i have the time to give it a strong commitment?” Trying guitar again was it. I started looking at You Tube, found Justin, researched what kind of guitar, made sense for me, and talked my wife into buying the PRS as my Christmas present on September24, 2021. (Interesting guitar store story I’ll tell some day). I put it in the closet and started Justin’s course in the app without the guitar. Fully intended to practice with no amp and then the Spark amp caught my attention and bought it in November and put it in the voice over room.

On Christmas Day i started practice on Grade 1 Module 1 (with the guitar this time). Bought the subscription to the songs app so i could get the entire song and then I just put in the time and didn’t rush each Module. I probably got dangerously close to over practice.

The open chord instruction and the song app forcing me to play to keep up on the songs i liked for the chords i was learning (pretty terrible at times) really are the secret. That and time are the ingredients. No music memorization just how to make music on the guitar.

The singing AND playing? Totally unexpected. Still miles to go there but I can actually do it, not great but I can make left hand do something, right hand do something else and sing with occasional on key moments. I’m hooked. Maybe that is the drug I’m on!:grinning:…Rod


Hey Rod that was great. I’d never have thought of using Adele as a backing track for a power chord workout, well done! You kept the strumming and timing going all the way.

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That was great, Rod, really consistent throughout

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I’m enjoying your videos. This one was good also.

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Quite a work out indeed, Rod. Loved watching you get into it and though the tone was great.

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I’m more of a classic rock/soft rock guy but I find many of her songs to hit the groove for me of all the modern performers…. Rod

You’re easy to watch and listen to, both the intro patter and the play Rod and that’s a key element to being a great performer.

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Sounded good, I thought you did really well. It’s a challenge holding steady downbeats on an up tempo song like this. Well done!

The two string power chords that you played are a bit easier in my opinion, over the three string variety. Ultimately that extra root note on the three string power chords can add a bit of depth. Also, power chords can be kind of limiting in terms of variation, so lifting your finger on the low E string once in a while adds a bit of flavor.

I’m pretty sure Justin lifts his finger occasionally on power chords in his lesson, and used the three string power chords exclusively. Matter of preference and something to consider I suppose.

Well I can tell you Mr Pinky was in the game! Maybe the camera angle made it hard to see him working hard but he was😀. The three note sounds better to me and gets me more work that helps with barre chords.

I went back to Justin’s video lesson and if he said anything about lifting the finger on the low E I missed it but at the first demo he’s doing it! I’ll add that to the bag of tricks, thanks!…Rod

Stand your ground sir! Yeah the camera angle hid Mr pinky. Good on you.

Yes, he does the finger lift in the demo. You will see him doing it a lot – how often he mentions it in lessons may be up for debate. There are other power chord spicer-uppers, but you can seek them out in the future. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I can’t thump on power chords straight for four minutes, my brain goes to lunch and takes my spirit with it. So I have to toss in some kind of variation. YMMV.

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A power chord workout indeed. I bet your thumb was aching after that?

Really good stuff though Rod. Lovel your style and another great share.

2 things with that; 1) it’s the wrists on both hands that get the workout, 2) the palm mute and the strum put such pressure on the pick i found i had to use the blunt side of the pick to get through the song. If I used the pointy side I’d lose the pick halfway through almost every time!

Thanks again!…Rod

Great stuff Rod, loved how you got more into it as the song advanced.

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