"Crazy Trapeze" electric guitar cover

It’s been a while hasn’t it. I’ve been picking up the pace with my guitar playing. I still don’t consider myself to be a fluent guitar player by any means. As what my friend, Todd likes to say, I “doodle around” on it. Speaking of Todd, he was the guy who introduced me to this song and Bob Jeter as a whole. I actually interacted with Bob in one of his comment sections and he said I’m doing a great job on my lessons with Todd, as he played harp on some of Bob’s songs. It’s so comforting knowing that you can make connections with other musicians like yourself and knowing that they got your back. Anyways, here’s a song I learned on guitar when I just started out.

Here’s what the original song sounded like:

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That’s you doing the heavy-ish guitar accompaniment on the first video? Sounds great to me!