Create a basic video using GarageBand?

I use GarageBand for my singer-songwriter recordings, and my phone for video versions of a 1-take.
I’d like to record a video using my Mac via GB so I can use my USB interface and DAW tools (reverb, guitar modelling, etc)
I know GB has ability to open videos but I have no idea which way round to do this… record the video using Quicktime or something similar and open this in GB to edit, or somehow record directly into GB with video.
I don’t need to edit the video after but I suppose it would be nice, say I have a video+audio for each recorded line (guitar, electric, vocal) then one day I might like to cut between them in the finished video.

I am pretty sure I can do this using GB, iMovie and Quicktime since my expectations are low I’ve just no idea how. I can imagine one option is to simply click “record video” on QuickTime and quickly click “record” in Garageband and then work to sync everything in iMovie at the very end… is that all there is to it or can I do better?

John, I am a Windows PC user so have no experience and knowledge of Mac and its OS.

That said, I make 1-take videos using OBS. It allows me to use either a USB webcam or my phone for the video and record audio from a variety of sources. Those audio sources include my Interface using its ASIO drivers as well as a feed from my DAW. I am also able to use some of the fx-plugins I use in my DAW in OBS, so no longer include my DAW in the recording setup for a 1-take.

I am pretty sure you could do it that way. But maybe worth taking a look at OBS (it has a download option for MacOS) and exploring possible ways to route audio on a Mac to use OBS for a 1-take.

I’m messing around with this,

For me it seems to be easier to use than OBS and has similar functionality, the free version is a bit basic but would most likely work for you.

So far I only tried the “hit record on video and audio at the same time and sort it out later” route. GB’s video functionality is very limited - you don’t seem able to edit the video track at all so you have to trim anything first, but it does allow you to fit the FB audio alongside the video.
I did one yesterday and got a video with audio from my webcam, plus audio from my 2ch USB interface. The nice thing doing it this way is you can tinker with FX and everything directly, then GB has an “export to video” option.
Of course I’m sure I could export the audio to MP3 and bring that into iMovie or any other tool.

The one issue I saw was syncing. I got them pretty close at the start (so close it sounded like a reverb effect between the two audio streams) but 5min later the gap was a tiny bit bigger it seemed. Tiny offset between strumming and sound.

I now have my iPhone set up as a web-cam for my Mac which could actually get a fairly nice ‘live’ mic to mix with the recorded channels as the mics on phones are so good these days. Interesting to play around with.

I imagine OBS is probably the ‘right’ tool - I’ve come across it before but never used it myself. But that means time to learn more things :slight_smile:

Garageband is more of an audio/studio DAW and not very useful for video (you have to sync up video later). With my Shure MV88 mic I can record in stereo from my iPhone. Here’s my process: