Home recording question

I am looking for Any easy low-cost recommendations to make my home recording sound better. I am recording only to keep record of my progress. The audio is not good when I film the video using iPhone.
I was thinking to buy either an external mic to place in front of the speaker or an IRIG 2. But the Irig records straight from the guitar not through the amp. So I’m not sure if that is the way to go.
If Anyone has any recommendations or input on this please let me know.

Hi Jason, will you be recording into a PC? Also what amp are you using and what are the output(s)? Assuming you’re going into a PC then your best solution would be an audio interface of some kind. Many on here, myself included, use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. They have a “Studio” pack which is essentially a starter kit including the interface, condenser microphone, microphone (xlr) cable and headphones. It’s not that expensive for what you’re getting but it’s not cheap.

Behringer are another brand that, from reviews, I believe have a decent reputation but I can’t speak from experience. They look a little better cost wise.

If you can clarify your setup a little more you’ll get some great pointers here to help.


More questions than answers I’m afraid. But if you have not seen it already check out the series below.

Is it guitar only or vox as well ?
Acoustic or electric ?
Recording on LT/PC, other ?
What amp ? Does it have usb or line out ?

I’d certainly recommend some form of Audio Interface but above are a factors. Mark mentioned Behringer and I would endorse them (had a few) but beware some of their AIs are mixers (Xenyx range) opposed to providing separate Direct Input channels (UMC range), so again depends on what and how you intend to record. I use UMC for multi track projects but the Xenyx for our Open Mics.

Lots to choose from gear wise but an idea of what you are going to be recording will help folk provide advice.



Also worth checking out the Grade 2 Lesson:


I am only using my iPhone for making videos.
My amp is an orange crush 12 it Has 1/4 jack input and 1/4 jack output for headphones.
I will be recording both my electric and my acoustic electric. Still working out if it is better to record my acoustic with or without amp.
I don’t plan on doing any editing to make this sound professional. It is only for recording my progress.
I am messing around with using GarageBand for audio and iPhone to record video Then merging them together so my video has a little better audio I think.

@sairfingers Gordon just uses his phone to record both his acoustic and electric and his videos come out great. He may have some tips for you.

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Hi Jason. I only record myself to monitor my progress and to hopefully get constructive comment and perhaps entertain fellow community members a little.
I do however enjoy watching and reading all the technical details from others who use DAWs, have bought fancy microphones and speak in Klingon about YT db levels! I also keep my tongue firmly in my cheek of course. :grinning:
Never say never but I don’t see myself ever going beyond my iPhone approach. Learning guitar is difficult enough without adding more technical complexity.

Clearly getting the audio levels as best as you can is the issue. A modern iPhone has a pretty good built in mic.
As you’re dealing with a fixed mic, the constraint is getting the video angle the way you want it. You need to show your fretting and strumming hands in order to give viewers the opportunity to comment and offer advice. Your head is optional but the majority of community members are happy to show their faces.

Having got the camera angle sorted, it’s down to the audio and there is no other option but experimentation.
I put my iPhone on an adjustable height music stand and aim to have it more or less equidistant from my mouth and the top of the guitar sound hole on my acoustic. It’s then a matter of getting a feel for how loudly to sing and how loudly to strum/pick.
For electric you have to experiment between the vocal level and the volume setting of your amp. Or if it’s a backing track with some improv, then more experimentation is required.

I’m sorry if this is all a bit vague but after a while you will really start to get a ‘feel’ for the different levels. When I’ve got a ‘take’ that I’m happy with I simply upload to YT and then share the link on AVoYP. I’ve no idea what the db levels are!

I was disappointed with the quality of the audio recorded with my iphone so I purchased a zoom brand (nothing to do with the company that does zoom conferences). I got the h5 model, but the lower end ones like the h1n are also a good option and include a usb interface so you can put the output into your pc.

My go to these days, since I don’t like spending time in the DAW any more, is to use a Shure MV88 mic plugged into my iPhone when recording. Then I just airdrop the file to my mac and trim it down using adobe quicktime (if needed). Then I can publish direct to youtube or add some pizzaz in iMovie first. Simple process and not overly expensive for the mic (at least when I bought it). There may be other similar mics on the market now as well.

EDIT: I’ve used this method almost exclusively for the last handful of videos that I’ve released. iMovie has a little magic wand button that EQs the audio pretty nicely for youtube (stats for nerds) as well.

This article and the associated video is worth a read and watch.

It also covers the mic that @CT Clint uses and is highly recommended by them along with the Roland GO Mixer Pro X.


Thanks Socio that video Was very helpful exactly what I was looking for. :+1:

And everyone else for your input all very helpful

Thanks @Socio that video was super helpful!

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For what it’s worth, Jason, I got much better audio recording using a laptop than with a smartphone. I think smartphone microphones are designed to pick up human voice at point-blank range, and not much of anything else. I don’t know if you have access to any laptops or tablets, but if you do, might want to try recording with those. In my experience the video quality suffered but the audio quality improved quite a lot.

I have a Behringer UMC 202HD, which was indeed less expensive than the Focusrite Scarlett.

I have been very pleased with it, but then it’s the only audio interface I have ever used, so I haven’t got anything to compare it against :smiley:


Behringer get a bad rap because they are cheap and mass produced. But every other interface anywhere near this price point is just as mass produced.

I have a UMC204HD and, IMO, it’s as good as any similar spec. AI in this price range.