Create a graduation for each module or grade and have someone review it

Any thoughts on Justin having a graduation system to see if users really know the material and can feel comfortable moving on for each module or grade.

I thought of this idea after entering a guitar workshop where there are levels of techniques we would learn and apply it to the songs that we practice. Then, since you were a member, you can record yourself doing the graduation video and a Guitar teacher would check if you pass, or you might need to stay on the level and review them. Here is a link on how it looks like. I thought it was cool since it made me aware the way I was playing was different from the feedback that I received, and later I could improve on them. Thoughts or do Justin have something like that?

Here is a link


Justin provides a set of guideline criteria to enable self-assessment at the end of a grade.

While not formalised, posting recordings of playing songs in #community-recordings:audio-video-of-you-playing or in a reply in a personal log created in #community-hub:learning-logs, is a way of getting feedback from the Community.

And if you were really driven for such external confirmation you could explicitly request it.

You could also engage one of the approved teachers for a lesson with the intent to get that feedback.

I personally had a need when doing the old Beginners Course for that confirmation. I achieved that assurance through active use of AVOYP recordings and the feedback I received.

Based on my knowledge and experience, I don’t anticipate more formality and rigour being introduced. I think it would change some of the fundamentals of JustinGuitar and the way in which things are structured and provided.


Would be cool but keep in mind that NYC Guitar School charges the students therefore they have more resources for such things whereas Justin is free.

I’m cool paying a subscription for it.

I also don’t think you can compare JustinGuitar to NYC Guitar School. I think Justin has a different purpose, audience, and way about achieving it.

I think if formal grading, qualifications, graduations is important then a more formal music school route may be the right option.

If it is feedback to ensure one is learning and applying correctly, making progress, then the Community goes a long way to meet that need.

I can think of a couple of ways that i would not be the same as what NYC school does, but could work here:

  • One can record the video and post to this forum. Then others can comment on it to give feedback. It does not match a qualified teacher’s evaluation but could be a free a way to do it.
  • One can book a lesson with one of the Justin’s approved teacher for the assessment.

Agreed. I’m here to learn in my own time and to ensure I keep it fun rather than be forced to pass formal tests. As you rightly say, there are plenty of existing resources available though the JG community site if the OP wants to gain more formal feedback on his / her progress.


I’m in the same camp as most here, I like the approach that Justin’s course takes of self-assessment backed up with Community posting and feedback. I think most of us adhere pretty well, in fact probably harsher than we should be, in assessing whether we’ve passed a module or grade.

If you want to go more formal then the option of in person teaching, whether with one of the JG approved teachers or otherwise then that’s always the extra option.

All imo obviously!


Especially as those routes will give a qualification which is widely recognised outside this community.



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If “formal” qualifications are what you are after then I think in most countries there will be something on offer outside of Justin.

My experience in the Uk is that Justin’s course complements and goes beyond what is taught in the early grades quite quickly. That said I quite enjoyed doing them, particularly as there was more a focus on lead playing. However I did use a physical guitar teacher who was experienced in taking students through them so it was quite separate to what I was learning with Justin.

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Nobody has pointed out Justin is 1 man and has millions of followers. He does all the lessons himself, so when is supposed to find time to watch and mark videos.

Hire guitar players that could do it for him, but either way, the people above made a better suggestion. Which are, post your recordings in the feedback channel or hire an approved teacher in this website.

Thanks everyone, created a Log and might hire an approval teacher to see if I am solidifying the courses that Justin had provided.

Here’s David Crosby getting his graduation medal:

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