Creating Chord book - need details on notes in Chords

I’m creating my own Chord book, like most people.
First I scribble stuff down, but then I create a proper sheet in CorelDraw.

I learn best by starting to learn more than I need for any given level, then drop back down to the original position I should be on (if that makes sense) and have always found the best way to learn is to teach. When studying electronic servicing the lecturers used my ‘homework’ to produce a book for all the students to use as study, and I had similar experiences in networking etc.

Anyway, enough of the waffle. I am creating Chord diagrams with some details of what notes, steps etc. are in them. I am stuck on what to call the notes - for example if I create a C Chord diagram, I show the finger position, and the notes being played, their position in the scale, but I am a bit baffled by how to describe the octaves etc.

I know it’s more than I need to know as a beginner, but it is simply how I learn - I can refer to the 5th string, third fret as the Root C, but what about the second string, first fret - is it just an Octave higher, and if so, do I refer to it as C2, C3 or what. This sort of stuff bugs me, and I will create a document describing everything to myself (and anyone else who would like a copy) when I get it right.

I have attached a JPG of the sort of thing I am creating - this will hopefully show you the sort of thing I am making. Excuse the quality - CorelDraw is sulking about exporting stuff.


Hello @AndyTake2 and welcome to the community.

That is impressive work you are undertaking to understand and connect your learning.
Those repeated notes are indeed an octave higher but you simply mark them in the same way:
C chord: R, 3, 5, R, 3

You are drawing your neck diagram inversely to the conventional manner which would place the nut at the left (or the top) and have the frets moving right (or down).

Cheers :blush:
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Hi - I am creating this part of my learning book to act as a mirror - I am left handed, and this is my idiot way of looking at a picture without having to interpret it too much.

I will also create stuff the correct way, in order for me to learn how to translate from you strange right handed people :grinning:


I tend to do the same thing. I got back into the guitar because one day I decided I didn’t understand why certain notes made up chords. Then I started to look at Justin’s music theory class. Most people tell me that it doesn’t matter - but I need to know so I can learn better.