Creep, Radiohead Cover by Clarissa

“Creep” is the debut single by the English rock band Radiohead, released on 21 September 1992.
“Creep” remains Radiohead’s most successful single. It was named one of the greatest debut singles and one of the greatest songs by Rolling Stone.


Incredible as always Rene. Creep is on my list of songs to learn so the is very inspiring!

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Beautiful rendition both. Nice playing and fantastic vocals!

That was very well played and sung, excellent performance!
It’s one of my favourite songs and I have a few favourite artists who’ve covered it, this has to be added to my list!

Both peformances full of feeling, dynamics, excellent, Rene.

A little more background about Clarissa, if you don’t mind.

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Worth mentioning a band that came from Abingdon in Oxfordshire, which nowadays I live nearby and I do occasional shopping at :smiley:

Your cover was top notch as always Rene well done!

David don’t be a… Creep! :smiley: <just kidding, really couldn’t resist the pun!> :smiley:


Hello newbie to the forum here. Which module are you on @ReneAsologuitar? It would be great to get a sense of where the song sits in the overall course structure.

It sounds sooo good!! Loved the guitar and…such a beautiful voice!

That was superb. Great playing and Clarissa’s vocals sounded sooooo good. Nice job.

Love Radiohead and have to leave behind my hipster-cred to say I do indeed really enjoy their most famous :joy:

Good job to both of you! Your guitar is very full while still leaving room for her vocals. And she did great as well, really envy those who can do that vibrato thing, I think that’s what it’s called. Very soulful and you both made the song your own. Awesome how you pop in with those harmonies toward the end, wasn’t expecting it! :clap: :clap:

Beautifully done by both of you!

Way to make up with energy for the lack of distortion! It also sounded like you punched up the harmonic intensity with some crazy chords in there, no?

Anyway, bravo!! Love that song.

You are a really good guitar player . That sounded awesome

Great performance, Rene and Clarissa. Love the vocal backed by excellent guitar work and backup vocal.

another brilliant cover!
excellent work, guys!
a worthy tribute to Radiohead.

Hi Both,

Cracking cover.
Lovely playing and terrific vocal. (Liked the harmony too.)
Takes me back to when I first heard this; driving late at night to Winchester - wondering why I was indeed going there.


Hi @alexisduprey ,
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!
Great to hear that this recording might be able to get you on the completion of your Creep song learning. You are so appreciated!!!
With love and respect,

Hi David,
Thank you for the lovely comments!!!
Clarissa is my daughter, and I am so happy to have some time late with her, recording some songs, as she transitioned from student to practicing Physical Therapy.
We just recently watched a show in Seattle, featuring SendaiEra, a hip-hop duo of Enrico (my son - singer) and Mike (producer), with Clarissa as their vocalist/singer.
Check out SendaiEra music online, at , or in Bandcamp.

Thank you, and stay well!!!

Love and respect,

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Wonderful :clap: I must’ve listened to hundreds of covers of this over the last 30yrs and this is up there with the best :+1: fantastic playing and a beautiful voice :v: