Crossroads by Eric Clapton (Cream) Lesson

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Great but I wonder when the solos lessons will be added?

OK so I’ve answered my own question. The solos are already here which I thought they were:

So why has @JustinGuitar produced another lesson where he says the solos are to follow? Is this a BLIM blip?

Is there anyone else determined to learn this as I am?

There’s also this:

Now I thought I was having memory issues when a lesson reappeared but I may be getting old but I’ve got young fashioned ways…

The previous lessons are quite a few years old now and Justin has revisited and reshot the lessons for BLIM. So there will be differences in the new ones as he has discovered some thing he’d not realised in the past.


Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner I have the old lessons in my practice items. Must get round to learning it properly.

Oh my god, the speed of this solo :open_mouth:

@math07 Not just one but two solos in this song all going progressively higher up the neck. THE masterclass in how to build a solo. Interestingly the drum pattern also changes later too in the actual recording.