Crowded House Fall At Your Feet Cover - Minimal Production

I’ve made videos before where I used mics and an audio interface and software like reaper to mix everything together. I enjoy the process but find it takes me way too long to get something that sounds remotely like what it sounds like “in the room”.

So I decided to try a new approach of just recording straight from the iphone, worrying less about production and just posting. It took a bit of time to figure out the right amp placement and volume mix but I think it worked out just fine for what I’m trying to get here. I feel like enough of the tone of the guitar/amp come through without worrying about making it Abbey Road quality.

Anyways sharing here my own cover of one of my favorite Crowded House songs. Tried to add some dynamics and textures to it.


Sounding great Jesse,

Yeah whatever keeps the motivation flowing. Just grab the phone record and done :+1:

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I hear ya man. I got the same feeling.

I really enjoyed your song too. Very good dynamics.
Balance between you and your guitar was very good too.

Thanks for the share.

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Great tune, it looks like a perfect song to practice barre chords.

Thanks for sharing! :clap:

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Hi Jesse, this was great! I really like the original and I wondered where you were going at the beginning with the muted intro I have to be honest. But you build, build, build and it’s a terrific interpretation, genuinely terrific. Thank you and bravo!! :facepunch::guitar::heart:

Ps - please do more like this, as much as I like your “big” productions, this is so honest it’s awesome.

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Jesse, I think that recording method worked fine for this one. Nice guitar sound and play and vocals. I think just a touch of verb or delay on the vox would be nice, but just my subjective opinion.

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Thanks Notter - I really enjoyed this one so I think I’ll do more this way. Took me 10 mins to post after I recorded as opposed to what was taking me 60-90 mins. I realized I want to present what it’s like sitting in the room just hanging out, not try to recreate a studio or make an amateur music video. So hopefully this captures that vibe.

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Yeah @oldhead49 next time I may try running the iphone video through a really quick/light sweetening in post. Don’t want to fall back down the rabbit hole though :slight_smile:

Good stuff Jesse. This is the simple recording technique I’ve never gone beyond! :smiley:
Worked well for this song and you injected lots of light and shade into your performance with guitar technique rather than post production gimmicks.
Some enviable barre chord work too.
Well done.