Cry Baby Cry - Happy Mothers Day... courtesy of Justin and The Beatles

A song to celebrate Mother’s Day today. Thank you mothers everywhere for working so hard to raise the next generation.


Real good Richard.
I personally love that song.

I really like how you ended the song. More proper than the way I do it. Yep, I do that song too.

Did you learn this from Justin? I saw that he had a tutorial on how to play this song.
I only kinda looked at Justins tutorial.
I’ve been playing this song for years, but I had no one to show me how to do it. I had a book. Which worked ok, I’m just pretty sure that it does not follow the JG tutorial. The book version is pretty much cowboy chords. I had to play it many years for it to start sounding ‘kinda’ proper.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I really dig that song and you did it justice. Interesting for me to see it done a different way than I do it too.
I’ve not decided yet on which version I like better. But I think the way you play it is likely more proper.
Thanks for sharing.
Good job!

edit, looks like ya’ve done several Beatle songs. Guessing you and me would get along real good. I do a few Beatle songs myself… :wink: Like so many that my wife don’t like the Beatles anymore. She’s grown tired of them. Whatever. Myself, I’m still going strong. I generally can’t get enough Beatles… I play them near everyday…

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Thank you for your kind words. Yes my version of Cry Baby Cry is based on Justin’s video tutorial. Picking up an acoustic guitar to play a song by The Beatles is a great way to brighten up your day!

Hello Richard, I love this song and I’m starting just now to learn it! Thanks for sharing your nice rendition, you stick with the original vibe of the song with the strumming. But…Mother’s day will be in May in my country :blush:

Thank you and happy Mother’s Day in May.