Cryptic Messages

G’day ladies and gentlemen

I set some mates a challenge to write a song that used cryptic clues. I struggle at times to make my lyrics obscure or abstract like “words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup……”, so I thought I’d found a source in cryptic crossword clues and answers. The end result in this, is that the song lyrically is nonsensical, although it loosely holds together, it really didn’t offer any life insights or revelations. Nevertheless, it was an interesting exercise. There are 3 or 4 hidden clues in the lyrics and the answers are also within the lyrics. I also experimented with the video, grabbing a public domain video and trying to cut and paste it as best to fit. It’s not a great fit, but it serves a purpose as a vehicle for the song. It’s good experience and development.

It’s nothing special but I hope you like it, and if nothing else have a chuckle at the video.


Cryptic Messages

Cryptic messages are the couples enemy
They never set us free, and now we’re through.
I read between the lines, you created by design.
You still plague my mind, my body too.

A second C to terminate the scale.
I think it’s going to fail, in the end.
There can be no doubt, you try my patience out.
I’ve got to learn how, to ascend.

Ooooh, she’s a French secretary on job release
Ooooh, she makes me horny for some grilled cheese.
I had a blowout in my Hush Puppies.
Araldite saviour of lost soles.

Cryptic messages, opening another wound.
Changing my olde tune, and set me free.
Letters make no sense, even if they’re French.
The answer comes to me in a melody.

She’s also a sinner with no regrets.
If she paid the rent, or at least a half.
She gives it everything, you should hear her sing.
Anyone would think, she’s Edith Piaf.

repeat CHORUS

break over VERSE

repeat VERSE 1

OUTRO over verse.


That was very entertaining Lee. It was a nice production and the use of videos made it more enjoyable. The only suggestion I have is to include the lyrics in the post. I missed some of them (of course I have old ears). :thinking:

Yeah, good point Mark. I’ve updated the post with lyrics now. Cheers.

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You and your mates sure do have fun with music, Lee.

I liked the retro 50s/60s pop vibe, the guitar and layered vocals. I did struggle to pick up all the lyrics, perhaps a combination of tempo, layering, and mix.

As for the clues and answers, well I never was much good at cryptic crossword puzzles :laughing:

Yes, I’ve tried to catch a deluge in a paper cup also.

You’ve given me another ear worm @Knee_Wobbler - it’ll take me a good 24 hours to get this grilled cheese out of my head!

I love the digression musically in the Chorus!

Entertaining and fun production, Lee! :clap:

I enjoyed watching and listening both and I like the ideas how you and your mates keep yourselves busy making music by challenging each other. :smiley: Cool stuff.

As non-native I probably won’t figure all the cryptics,

Spoiler maybe?

but I think at least got the scale-ascending thing.

Funny side note: Yesterday, we went to buy some foods and wanted some grilled cheese - sold out. Now the longing for it is even bigger… :angry: :rofl:

Thanks for sharing this one, Lee! :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark. Yeah, we do try and stretch ourselves. Most of the time we don’t do too bad at the challenges, although this month we’re doing a Power Ballad!! I don’t have the vocal strength or range, so I’ll probably being squeaking through my ballad that when it’s ready. Regards.

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Thanks Andrew. I’m starting to think the reference to grilled cheese was my subconscious critiquing the song itself. 100% pure cheddar!!

Thanks Lisa. Funny how art intimates life. Very coincidental that you needed/wanted grilled cheese. Did my song cause the shortage in your area or does my song contain a subliminal message that causes a grilled cheese craving. Regards.

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That was different Lee but very enjoyable. I like how you came by picking the words for your song and the video was a good choice too.

I too got a real 60’s vibe from it.

Hi Stefan, Yes it’s a bit quirky, and I’m hearing the 60s pop vibe now. I never really noticed it until it was mentioned. Probably not a style I’ll do again. Glad you enjoyed it though. Cheers, Lee.

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Hi Lee,
That’s was an enjoyable watch and listen. The nonsensical lyrics made me think of Nik Kershaw’s - ‘the riddle’ at the time there was much debate about what it all meant but I believe he just randomly made it all up. No mention of grilled cheese in his song.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Alan. Ah yes, I was into Nik Kershaw and had The Riddle album on cassette…probably still do somewhere! I even lived in Ipswich, Suffolk for a while in the late 80’s where he hails from. Alas, I think his career faded by then and I never ran into him. Glad you enjoyed my nonsense though. Cheers.

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