Crystal from East Texas

Hi all,

My name is Crystal and I was born in Louisiana and have been in East Texas since 2000. I bought a guitar when i was in my twenties (a really nice Martin) but knew nothing of setup. I quickly grew tired not being able to apply enough pressure to make cords and my fingers were killing me. I have short fingers. That combined with being poor forced me to sell my dream of learning to play an instrument. Fast-forward 30ish years and I’m Grade 2, Module 12 and truly enjoying the journey. I like most music (except jazzy jazz and baroque). I love rock blues - Clapton, SRV, Tedeschi. I also love Stapleton including Steeldrivers and Jompson Brothers. I also have Van Halen, Bad Co., Eagles, Steve Miller Band, ZZ Top, and Audioslave in my playlists.

I recently bought an $85 Jasmine which required no setup to easily play. I only changed the strings to extra lights. I have since gifted the Jasmine to a grandson and now play a Yamaha FGX800SC. I did take it to a luthier for some adjustments and am playing light strings. I am looking into purchasing my first electric. I am currently leaning toward a Fender Jazzmaster.

I look forward to seeing you on the forum.


Welcome to the community Crystal. Nice to share your love
of music with your grandson.

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Welcome to the community from a fellow Texan! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the journey and I applaud your choice in electric. Enjoy the ride!

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Welcome to the community Crystal. That’s great that your grandson is going to play as well. I have a granddaughter who wants a guitar.

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Welcome to the community Crystal. I’ve just recently started grade 2. I look forward to following your journey and learning from the posts you share. I am also waiting to get my first electric guitar, just looked up those guitars you mentioned and they look pretty good. Rock on.

Hi there Crystal and welcome to the community

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Great intro Crystal, thank you. :sunglasses:

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Hi Crystal and a warm welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

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Hi Crystal, good thinking coming here - have fun and enjoy the ride!

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Hi Crystal, you spelled “y’all” wrong!

I mostly grew up in East Texas (Texarkana and Houston mostly), but have been away from those roots for a long time now. I think I would be shunned for sounding like an obnoxious Yankee now.

Sounds like you have picked up some good gear and are ready to make some music and share some fun with your grandson. What’s cooler than that?! Looking forward to seeing you around here.


Hello Crystal and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It’s great that you picked up another guitar to start your journey again. You’ll be banging out songs before you know it.

Welcome, Crystal. Wow, more and more Texans showing up all the time. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Great to see another Texan here. There seems to be quite a few of us.

Hi Crystal. Good to hear you’ve picked up a guitar again. Best wishes for the journey ahead :slightly_smiling_face: