Curious about reposting road cases

I think the old road cases will be retained in read only format. They will always be there, you should even be able to link to them. Not clear on the desire to duplicate them here. A new forum should open up a new world of possibilities. Maybe I’m missing something…

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It’s a good thing they do that

  • the info close to where the action is
  • Eventually, the old forum will go offline.
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Good to know. I thought it would remain read only.

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I think I read somewhere that phase 1 is opening this place up, phase 2 making the old forum read only and phase 3 to shut it down all together so everything will be lost. Some people have invested years in their road cases so I completely understand the desire to copy everything over.

Having said that personally I’m not particularly attached to my old RC so I’ll be starting from scratch here as you said.

Edit: oh looks like you guys got it all sorted already. One thing I miss from the old forum is the notification about new posts when submitting a reply

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On the bottom of the thread, there is dropdown where you can chose from watching/tracking/normal/mute.

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Right, that’s a great way of keeping up with threads of interest but I meant something different - should have been more specific, sorry.

When replying to a thread on the old forum, upon hitting the post/submit button you got a notification about new replies which were posted while you were writing and a chance to review your reply in case something you wanted to say had already been posted by someone else, much like what happened above for example.

Not sure if this platform supports something similar but I thought it was a great feature.

@LievenDV will that affect the settings in Preferences? I’ve set them (again) to ‘never’ this morning. I have an idea that as I learn the subtleties of the new site I’ll do this a different way. It’s clear I need to approach this new site with a different mindset, rather than looking for how it was on the Forum eg the Notify button. The more I become familiar with this site the more enamored I am.

Guilty as charged … I’m copying across my RC posts to retain the whole history, what gets left behind are all the replies and conversation along the way.

Maybe my history will be of interest to others in time, maybe not, but I figure the RC is as much for my own benefit as possible benefit to the Community.

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That’s, basically, what I did, and consolidated a couple of posts.



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How do we get our Road Cases copied over to the new location? I see some of you have. Would hate to lose what I’ve posted.

It’s a manual process Pam. Start a new RC here and then copy and paste from the old RC.

Thanks, David. That sounds easy enough. :wink:


I think most of us have just copied the RC parts we have written and not the replies. That certainly cuts down the amount you have to move and does tidy things up going forward. But if there is a reply you want to keep the move that across as well.

When I did mine, I found there was a 32k character limit for what can be posted at any one time. I dropped in 40k to discover that limitation. :rofl:

I also opened 2 browser tabs, so I could move back and forth between both forum and community. But you could drop it all into something like Word. Edit it and then post here.



Thanks Toby. I got all my entries in. I may go back and do some proofing later on.

Copying RCs over is also a good one to fill the new Community up a bit with some content before going live :slight_smile: