D Shape Explorer Lesson

They all sound better when Justin plays it than when I’m fumbling around on my guitar. Is there a lesson or a video in which I can see how Justin picks the string to create melodies? I’m ok with strumming and hammering but not the picking part. I tried to re-create but didn’t succeed well. Thanks!

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I think Justin is showing what can be done once mastered. The point is to explore not play the melody he does I believe. If you want to do a song using D shape melodies look up Justin’s lesson on Norwegian Wood by The Beatles.

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This lesson makes me think of Zeppelin’s “Thank You”, i.e. multiple D and G shapes and sus chords. I think this was the first song that I ever noticed D sus shapes that were a deliberate part of the melody for guitar.

This Sebadoh song comes to mind too…though this one is capoed at the 3rd fret, but the d-shape, sus variations, etc, are still significant…actually there’s a lot of songs coming to mind on this topic. Good lesson–

To anyone who wants it, here’s the PDF containing the most important D shape variations.

D Shape Explorer

The PDF is still accessible on the resources tab of the old Chord Shape Explorer lessons that were part of the old Playground.