D Shape Explorer

Let's start this exploration series with the D Shape. Awesome chords variations to unlock your guitar fretboard!

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Awesome lesson thank you.

Gives me the confidence to attempt the riff part to Copperhead Road.

I was playing around with Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The D didn’t sound quite right to me, so I played around. Came across XX0235 sounds nice.
What would the name of this one be?

It’s a D5, the notes are D A D A there is no F# the 3rd of D

Yep, that’s the Root 4 power chord grip plus another 5th on the 1st string.

This is a fun exercise, while adding/removing fingers at random I wandered into this grip


Thought it sounded cool, kind of interesting so I tried to figure out how to describe it as a chord. I think it’s an “F dominant seventh flat fifth flat ninth” which apparently is a thing, but only comes up in jazz :laughing:

Interesting chord.
I might call it an Asus2add13/F :crazy_face:

Cheers, Shane

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Nice, I did wonder if there was a good “/F” description but didn’t get very far with it.

Bit of a line call for me, whether Asus2add13/F is more or less confusing than F7b5b9 :smiley:

I have no idea how I would place this thing in a progression but I do like how it sounds on its own at least. It’s got a mysterious, intriguing kind of vibe.

And thats the more important thing - what it sounds like, and how you might use it.