Dale's February Vids

I was Inspired by @eric.lennon and recent discussions on posting more things we are working on.
I hope I DO keep up with it.

Today I was fiddling with audio/video recording/settings in preparation for an upcoming community OM.

I took the opportunity to try a run through a song I’ve been working on.
Couple hiccups for sure, but I tried to just work through them as if it was live.

Here is my cover of:

I Melt With You (Modern English)


Dale, that was great :smiley: Very impressed as well how calmly you were working through those little hiccups, I don’t think that there were many though? Of course I also enjoyed your little dance from pedal to pedal :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t know the song but liked it a lot. Seems I have gaping holes in my knowledge of good 80s music. Looks like my soundtrack at work today will consist of Modern English…

One man band Dale with his dancing feet still rocking it hard!!
Amazing job man, forget the complexity of how you do what you do, your playing and vocals are so good, love it!
Thanks for sharing and big big bravo :clap: :heart::guitar:

Very impressive on many levels - I should do more with my looper!

Hi Dale…
:boom: :dizzy: :boom:
Brilliant work with looper and drums :sunglasses:

Very well done, that took some work, but it worked well.


Wow very impressive, who needs a drummer? Nice set up and nice tune. :clap:

Thank you all!
@JokuMuu, @Notter, @mathsjunky, @roger_holland, @Libitina, @CarlosAP
It’s fun to share and record the process. The songs I work on often go through massive changes as I switch up which parts I loop vs which parts I play, or how I bring the parts in etc… This is a new approach to this one, having the ‘acoustic-ish’ part as a loop vs played. It feels more promising than my previous arrangements.

@CarlosAP - with respect to drummers - I have a new found heightened respect for them.
I stumble all the time with my ‘drums’. Too fast, too slow, awkward beats…bad timing…and that’s with the most basic of drum beats. One day I hope to change up those midi pads for something else, but they do the trick for now.

Thanks again!

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That’s very cool, Dale! :clap: :smiley:

Impressive how you work through the loops and pedals so effortlessly. Also keeping your cool and smiling through the few hiccups. :+1:
How you used the vocal harmonics tool was kind of perfect my taste regards when and how often. Very well balanced. You’re a true one man band. Also, very well played and sung! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Lisa!
I really appreciate your comment on the vocal harmonies. as I put a lot of thought into when and how to use it. The pedal is both a blessing and a curse, and I go to lengths not to abuse it.
But in this particular song it seems part of the ‘hook’ to me, so I used it more than I normally would.

Thanks again!

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“Play with other musicians” the experts all say…
I present, as counterexample - exhibit A: Dale

Great stuff as always!

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I melt with you… you melt my brain with how much must be going on in your head to switch between all those loops and parts!

That was awesome Dale, as good as ever. Loved the live style as well, looked like you were having loads of fun.

You make it look easy.

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Hi Dale that was great, like others have said very impressive control of all the loops and pedals , also loved the mixing up of the strumming. Are you using a piezo pickup sometimes on your PRS ? Nice if I helped get you motivated to do this. Now you have done the same to me .

I appreciate it @eric.lennon.
Nothing special about the pickups ( stock ).
But I do play the main rhythm part through my ‘acoustic-ish’ patch.
So if you are hearing a piezo…I’m at least getting close!

Truth be told I’m never really happy with it and always tweaking, so if you think it needs more/less of any frequency I welcome any advice. This might not be the best song to hear it in though as I find the instrument levels uneven.


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Hi Dale, good work. I’ve just listened the original song. In the eighties I mostly listened sixties and seventies harder rock classics. I’ve been tempted to buy a vocal effects pedal but they are far more expensive than guitar ones.

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