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My notes are:
Relaxed down up strumming.
Open string chord change.
Accent the downbeats 2 and 4.

Question concerning how to practice the Song for Module 1 entitled “Dance the Night Away”: Whether one places the speed of the song at 80 bpm or 120 bpm, does one strum ONE time for each time the module shows you doing the D Chord, or FOUR times the module shows you doing the D Chord?
Same question for the A chord. OR . . . does one strum the D chord once but then move one’s arm three more times (without actually strumming the guitar strings) before the song moves you to the next line, i.e. to the A chord?
Sorry for such a basic question, but this needs to be added to your instructions for real beginners. I would greatly appreciate a detailed answer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
William A. Loveland, 4/24/2022

I am just Grade 1 beginner myself and it is a song I am working on. Have you come across Justin’s Super Easy Guitar Lesson - Dance The Night Away by The Mavericks - YouTube

If you are at the very beginning of learning it would be one down strum per bar and yes you should keep your arm going down and up for the beats you don’t strum. Personally I would try and do a down strum on each beat start at bpm that you are comfortable with and gradually increase your speed.
Hope this answers your question.

@SmokeJS post is what you should aspire to do from lesson but I am not there yet.

PS welcome to the community

Thanks Michael!
I really appreciate the prompt and helpful reply.
For this first song do you mind sharing who many beats per minute you decided to select?
So, one should assume its 4 beats per bar and strive to do 4 downstrums on D, followed by 4 downstrums on the next A, et cetera?
Newby Bill, lol

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I think I started at 100 bpm but quickly built it up to the full tempo.
I presume you are playing along with the app, so you can easily adjust the speed. I actually find it more difficult to strum in time with a slow bpm rather than fast one, which is bit bizarre.

Many thanks again!

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Just discovered another short circuit in my rhythmically challenged brain when I try to accent beat 2 and 4. I can easily accent 1 and 3 but when I try to accent 2 and 4, my rhythm and hands just fall apart LOL. Good news is that I have some rhythm, so I’ll keep working at it :wink:


I went to YouTube and found the Springsteen song and the Mavericks song - both seemed in a different key? I am tuned properly. Any ideas?

Matt @Matt10101
First of all welcome to the community :grinning:
I had a look around the internet and could not find a Bruce Springsteen version of the Mavericks particular, song, can you clarify please.

@Matt10101 You’re right, I went and looked it up. The original chords are E and B7.

You can play along with the original recording with a capo on fret 2 (using D and A) or use Justin’s app which last time I checked - a long time ago - has the song transposed.

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