Dang if I didn't Jack up my wrist!

Maybe later on in the healing process, but the open tuning and right hand technique is a winning idea.

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Late to the game but really enjoying it. Yeah, some of the story arcs are a bit nutty, but by and large a great watch.

Is that what it was? If so, I think you won. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that Clint :disappointed:
We used to watch all the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies as kids and the quicksand concept freaks me out to this day :roll_eyes: :grimacing:


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Sounds like you’ll be back playing guitar before I will, I’m still in plaster after having my fretting arm repaired with a metal plate, first thing I did when I got home from the hospital was order a harmonica and an absolute beginners book off Amazon. Also got loads of advice from the.folks on hereabout where to find lessons on YouTube :grin:

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Yeah it won’t be long for me now. You take good care and hope you are back in the game shortly!

Cheers, you too!:grin::+1:

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@CT I hope your wrist soon recovers Clint but don’t over do it. You don’t want long terms issues.

@brianlarsen I remember seeing those movies as well Brian. It had the same effect on me as well. What a way to go. :unamused:


Wow, quicksand sounds scary. I would have panicked too.

I hope your wrist recovers soon.

Nothing as dramatic as that, but I’m partly out of action for a bit, guitar-wise, as I recently took part in an activity that resulted in developing quite nasty blisters on the fingers of both hands.

I guess it’s a good time to do some theory, ear training and fretboard learning.



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Thanks! Here’s to a speedy recovery for you as well.

I’ve spent most of my time looking for inspiration for what to do next.

Guitar is still a ways off for me, but no issues fishing with a wrist brace. Turns out that reeling is mostly done with the elbow and not the wrist.

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Dang CT! Hows your wrist now? Hope its ok! Ahh i use to love to fish it was so fun! Especially surf fishing thats my fav.

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Doing much better, thanks! I will begin assaulting eyes and ears across the web very soon. :slight_smile:

I’m about 30 minutes from the surf and likewise for some really nice freshwater fishing, and five minutes from a little pond to hone my skills. The fishing pressure here is incredible and the fish have seen just about everything at least hundreds of times. It’s pretty challenging.

Here’s a nice little Florida strain largemouth bass that I landed yesterday:

We have smallmouth, stripers, Northern and Florida strain largemouth bass here (if anyone cares, LOL).

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That is SICK CT!!! Just awesome wish i lived that close to the surf lol.

WooHoo, I will be back in the game soon. Was able to bang out some chords, thumby strums and lead licks for about 15 minutes this morning. Not too much pain. Off to the garden for the rest of the day. Catch you later crocogators!