Danny from Montréal


My name is Danny, I am from Montréal Canada. I’m 63 years old and like many others, I decided to pick up the guitar during the Covid pandemic after not having played since my mid 20’s. I’m so grateful to have found Justinguitar and really don’t think I would have stuck with it without Justin’s teaching! I’m now following Grade 3 module 17 and really enjoying it!

Like some others in my age bracket I’m challenged with some arthritis issues but will forge ahead regardless! I am struggling with E7 and the B7. Anyone else? Haha…


Welcome to the forum Dan. There are quite a few of us Canadians here.

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Welcome Danny…I imagine arthritis to be quite bad, definetely something not worth to pay attention to :wink::blush:…nice to read you’re not!

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Hi Dan, welcome to the community.

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Hi Dan,
I wish you a long time and a lot of fun here :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the forum Dan, have a lot of fun and enjoy learning!

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Welcome to the forum, great to meet you. There are many alternative ways to finger most chords if your arthritis gets in the way. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hello and welcome to our community Danny. :slight_smile:

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:wave: hi ya.


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Welcome Danny - hope you have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Danny. I struggle with B7 as well.

Welcome to this friendly forum. Any queries you have will be answered by the very experienced members on here.

Hello Danny and welcome to the community.

Ah … B7 … yes, I remember it well. It can take some time.

Enjoy it all and ask if you need any help.
Cheers, Richard

Welcome Danny and good to see another who’s kickstarted there playing again. Well you found the right place to learn with Justin and the right support networks in the friendly community !


Hi Dan, welcome. Arthritis or not you’ve progressed a lot. I’m originally from Colombia, but live in Southwestern Ontario.

Dan, welcome to the community. I have trouble playing the C7 chord. Fortunately I never have to use it. :-). I prefer to play the 2 finger E7 chord, since my pinky finger doesn’t alway cooperate. Keep playing and having fun.


Power chords and a cranked amp and you’ll be fine. :crazy_face:

Cheers :beers: