Dan's Learning Log

I know that feeling all to well, but we just have to keep going… Today i had a bad (guitar) day, tomorrow will be better again. Also nice that your giving MoP a chance! What inspired you to learn MoP?

I’m a big Metallica fan but the real reason is Stranger Things.

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You gotta wonder how many people Eddie Munson inspired to give Master of Puppets a go? I certainly would have if I felt like I was near the level to get it right. At the very least stranger things put Master of Puppets on my list.

I think that scene had a very big impact… I hope it leads to some long term new players… But i fear most of them will just give up when they realize how hard it is to play that song without any experience :rofl:

@ danmcmartin thought so already :metal:

Yeah, Master of Puppets is no joke. Still, it’s fun to run through the first couple of riffs now and then.

Anyway, Summer is unofficially over and I think I’m ready to learn some new stuff. I spent the summer learning and practicing songs, some I had on my “play list” and some I didn’t, and learning little bits here and there, riffs, licks, techniques, etc.

The songs I’ve been working on the most are:

Hey, Hey, what Can I Do
Mary Jane’s Last Dance (learning the solo, other extra bits)
Highway to Hell (including solo)
More Than a Feeling inlcuding main solo)
Wish You Were Here (including solo)

I know the chords to a number of songs as well. My barre chords are better, not great but better. Chords in general or stranger thought C to D to C is still a bit wonky. Strumming is coming along and more natural. I’ve learned a lot of new chords and techniques I use in songs or play just for fun. I won’t say I’m a better guitar player than I was when I played 10+ years back but I am more well-rounded and I’m coming along.

I went through the basic (free) theory courses and aced the final tests without even finishing the lessons. I already knew all that. Time to pay for the advanced courses.

My biggest challenge is speed. I learn a song, practice and hit a wall on speed. I think the problem is I haven’t been playing with backing tracks or along with the record. Without the beat to force me to hit that next note/chord on time, my brain just takes it’s time. Going to practice with metronome/record/backing track/app going forward once I’ve learned a song.

I’m jumping into Grade 3 now. I will take it much slower than Grades 1 and 2 since most of it will be new or unfamiliar from the looks of it. So, that’s it. I’ll be back with log for each lesson in Grade 3.


All sounds good, Dan. Enjoy Gr3

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