Dashboard - How does My Learning Journey work

How does My Learning Journey work as never used this before and for some reason I have the following sections in mine which I can’t recall adding. I’m nowhere near Grade 5!!

What do the 2/13, 9/10, etc mean?

The 2/13 means you have completed 2 modules out of 13 modules. You may have watched the first two videos of essential blues lead guitar and that would be why it is shown in your dashboard as in progress. Of you click on the little arrow pointing downwards you will see the videos which have been marked as complete.

Thanks. How do I remove the Grade 5 lessons?

It would also make sense if the titles noted the module number. The titles on their own don’t make much sense.

If you click on the green completion mark next to each lesson marked complete, it should remove it.

That works, thanks. Had to refresh to get the Grade 5 bit to not show.