Dashboard Journey Duplication

Thought I would raise this issue again, as I do not recall a response to @batwoman’s original post.
I also assume this is an acceptable category to post in, as I can find nothing that relates to Website Errors as there was on The Forum.

The problem

I have duplicate entries within the In Progress section under the Journey part of the Dashboard.
The screenshot below makes things clearer. Having revisited the new Beginners Course I have been unable to get Grade 2 marked as completed, despite all modules and lessons being boxed off, as I have duplicate and triplicate Module entries, showing differing stages of completion.

I also have the same issue with Grade 5 and Playground. Like Maggie, @batwoman, who reported similar issues originally on the Forum, I have gone through the loop of watching all the Grade 2 videos countless times and jumping to the end, for them to report they have been marked complete and I have done this in each of the duplicate entries. And the status does not change - of course, as there is a dup/triplicate list where they are marked complete already.

Lost count of the number of times I have tried to get everything synced but to no avail.
So new Community new report, same problem.

Love In Progress
Don’t love duplication.
Abhor triplication :sunglasses: