Data transfer to the new App


I’m currently still using the Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course App, having progressed up to level 7 on it.

Since February 22nd there has been an update available to me entitled;
Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs, Version 3.1.13,
part of which is described as “new design”.

If i update to version 3.1.13 does all the info/progress i have on the original app still show?

Thanks in advance.

Hi bish,

How does your app look right now on your phone when you play songs ?


Or #2 ?


The app I’m using currently looks like #2 on my iphone se.

You will indeed loose some progress when you update because the new app (#1) uses the new improved beginner course like the website. But I think you will benefit from using the updated course in the long run. Grade 1 to 3 are all getting updated by Justin.

The videos and modules are all new, but the content has similarities. All modules are unlocked at the start so you can browse the content and see which new module corresponds the best to your current level.

As a bonus, the song play-along part of the app has been greatly improved. The songs sound much more like a real band.

And while you migrate to the new one, you can still find the older classic course on the website: Beginner Guitar Course [CLASSIC] |

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Thanks v much…really appreciate the info on that.

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