Dave G's Learning Log

OK, so just posted in the AVOYP area

… this will be my last ‘show off’ one, I’m heading back to grade 2 beginner and although been playing a while I am ‘missing’ some of the basics, I noticed a few on here are singing already too so might take the opportunity to start posting some songs with the added dimension of singing along!

I’ve noticed on many a trip down the Youtube rabbit hole that guitar channels can be very specific and while being awesome at guitar is well, awesome, you have to be pretty damn good to get away with not singing, while on the other hand a few simple chords and a well known song may well be more useful…in the pursuit of fun times :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’m on a tone quest. I started on the acoustic and liked the simplicity, but I’m after a warmer tone from the electric. I’m into Rodrigo Amarante at the moment (Narcos Theme Tune and ,wow, Cavalo Album) and … OK maybe one more show off video to show the progress there.

Apart from the singing, I would like to get to grips with the lead guitar. I’ve dipped in and out of the blues lead modules in the past, but did so having skipped the blues rhythm modules so aim to take my time and do things properly this time.

Hopefully, I will be able to help out others in the earlier modules as I revisit them…


Good stuff Dave, look forward to more from you.

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Sounds like a good plan Dave and from what I’ve just heard in your recording, you’re succeeding in your tone quest.

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Well made plan, Dave, and after reading Maggie’s reply I must hurry on over to AVOYP :grin:

I think playing and singing is very much about your own personal aspirations. And I think fair to say most of us here post on YT as a means to share with the Community, rather than with the serious intent to be a YTer purposefully driving to increase subscribers, views, and likes. So if singing appeals to you go for it, if you just want to play that’s fine too.

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@DavidP All videos are definitely unlisted :scream:


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By all means, sing, David! The only way to improve your singing is to do it. I feel I can comment fairly as my vocals can be cringeworthy at times, but I sure have more fun when I sing and play than just playing.


You make a really good point! I think it is probably especially true for people at my level where with just chords it may not sound like much of a song, but singing with the chords definitely makes it a song. Of course, I’m not ready to go there yet. :slight_smile:

Update 1:

Ok, so I ‘need to’ get back on track with the Justin modules. I initially joined the forum to focus on Justin’s course, along comes an open mic and I spend 3 weeks on two songs!

Never mind, enjoyed the ride and would not have thought I would be singing along with the guitar so soon.

P.S. just got around to reading the comments transcript from open mic night, thanks all for the kind words.


I’ve got a couple of songs in mind for the next open mic, one new and one I’ve been playing a while, but it’s all over the neck, so initial attempts to sing along were a struggle. Will see how that goes….

Will be heading over to Chris Liege’s singing course, which I’ve already signed up for a while ago, the mic night has now given me the confidence to give the singing a serious go, hope he has some modules on nerves :flushed:

And am determined to spend some time back in the modules, Clint’s sweet performance has reminded me I would like to get to grips with some blues licks too…

I can’t thank everyone enough involved for organising the open mic events, wow what an opportunity it provides, so grateful.

For anyone else, it’s such a safe space, don’t hesitate to sign up, whatever level you are at.
You can always ask for your section not to be posted to YouTube, but to perform on the night is an experience you should grasp with both hands!

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Dave, I think mastering the nerves comes in two ways.

Firstly and simply, the more frequently you do it, the more comfortable you will become, and you’ll find that nerves become more of a positive nervous energy. In Toastmasters we use to talk about the butterflies flying in formation.

Secondly, maybe more challenging, is your own mindset, expectations, and inner dialogue. You can set yourself up for success or make the experience more nerve-wracking based on this. For example, I am at peace with making mistakes. I step up to play as well as I can and understand at my current play-grade and level of experience, I will be somewhat inconsistent in the moment. So I hold no anxiety associated with delivering a flawless performance, which I think leads overall to better performances.

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Update 2:

Morning after the night before (Open Mic 8).

Again what a great experience despite of technical issues. Managed to unplug Digital Interface USB cable from Laptop just before going live!

Note to self: Do a quick sound check in before heading over to playing area when you’re up. And if the Mod offers to skip onto someone else while you sort yourself out, take up the offer because you can’t play well while all flustered.

Going Forward, paying back

  1. I definitely need to commit to more module practice.
  2. I would like to give back a little to the community.

As there are a great number of guitarists on here with vastly more experience than myself I always feel like a bit of an imposter offering guitar advice to new users. What I have noticed though is that there aren’t many experienced mods that are using the app / practice schedule on the website and as a result there are a few queries that go unanswered.

So, I have got the app, cleared my practice schedule on the website and will give the early modules a revisit (which I was intending to do anyway, but find myself easily distracted and wandering off) both through the app and website. That way I may be able to offer a bit of help to new users as their questions pop up on here.

I may log my progress over on the technical issues / feedback section too.

To demo the app, I will commit to performing one of the tracks ‘Karaoke style’ on the next open mic. - I’ve spotted Radioactive by Imagine Dragons on there already. but just the one song for next time, I need to get those practice modules done more routinely.

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Despite the sound glitch, you did very well last night Dave. And yes those last minute dramas really add to the nerves but you handle it well regardless. :+1:

Regards App advice, very commendable. A lot of “old times” went through the Classic BC on the web site, as the App is still relatively new. Some of us, me included, have gone through the online modules and caught up on a lot of the new material that’s been added but not the app itself. I think in time there will be a larger core of folks, like yourself, who have learnt that way and better placed to share their experiences. Good of you to offer your support to the newer users.


You did a great job last night, Dave, enjoyed both your songs.

Commend the Community Spirit to explore the App and contribute to helping folk with queries.