Dave (oldhead49)

Yeah, I made it over here and wandering around feeling my soon to be 73 years, but getting a grasp. Hope to get integrated on a regular basis soon.
Why does it say + create new topic when I want to submit and I already created a new topic up above??? It should say submit imho.


Good to see you made it over, Dave.

Took me a little while to get to grips with the new ways of going about things, but once familiar and over the initial teething problems I think this platform is an overall improvement.

Well look who just flew in! Very pleased to have our nimble fingered, no fade-out outros friend here :grinning: Welcome Dave. You’ll find your way round I have no doubt at all. Got any new projects cooking?

@oldhead49 Good to see you over here Dave; you’re going to like it when you get used to it; lots of stuff is so much easier than with the old site!

@oldhead49 :wave:

Dave great to see another has crossed the bridge ! Good to see you here. Yep its new its fresh but it won’t take long for you to get acquainted. As usual, just holler if you need help !



Good to see you here Dave. It takes a second to get used to but I am sure you will figure it out and get used to new ways :slight_smile:

Hey Oldhead good to see you here. Yeah, I just popped in yesterday myself and trying to get used to the new setup. From the little exploring I’ve done it seems they’ve done a fine job creating this new community. I’d like to pop into every thread to say “hello” but there are so many and only so much time. Just have to do the best I can :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to see you here, Dave, looking forward to your next AVOYP post! As for ‘why’ this or that - I can’t even figure out how to find the Community Guidelines (to up a badge count I don’t even care about!) - nor where to ask a general question that fades from my mind the minute after I can’t figure out where to ask it lol. Overall though I will say this new platform seems to be pretty good.

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OH up & running! :running_man:

Welcome to the new thing. Nice to see you, and hope to hear a sweet cover from you soon!

I can’t find the community guidelines either. My first post was deleted and the “system” suggested I look at the community guidelines. When I click on the link provided, I get the circle of death.

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Thanks to all for the welcome.

The circle of death.!! Love that
I’ve experienced it on a number of different occasions to where I just had to get out of the program. I think it was Stitch that said this platform is geared to mobile devices, which is what I use 90% of the time, but I’m wondering. I see where there’s a mobile app but it isn’t supported here. Go figure. :woozy_face:

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Hi Dave. Welcome aboard. I’m looking forward to your next AVoYP.

Thanks Gordon.
Hmmm. Just tried to slide back a page and encountered the :o: of :skull:death. Had to get out and come back in.

Dave, my experience accessing the Community was as follows:

  1. Open the JG Website in Chrome on my phone
  2. Navigate to the Community
  3. Shortly after the Community opened in the browser, an option popped up to download an app version (I did nothing I am aware of to trigger this)
  4. I now have a JG Community app on the phone, which works just fine, no :o: of :skull: to date, though I don’t access on my phone very much

There is an app in the store, Discourse Hub, but we are not using that.

I believe the “app” on mobile devices actually is the website. However, the new community site supports a modern web standard called “progressive web apps.” What this means in practice is that mobile devices with PWA support can display the website in a manner very similar to a native mobile app. It has an app icon, it opens full-screen with no browser toolbars, etc., but it’s still really your browser running the web site. Many progressive web apps also support at least some level of access when not connected to the internet (via. locally cached data and app code), but I don’t know to what degree the Justin Community site supports that feature. PWAs can be configured to prompt the user to “install” them on a mobile device (it seems this site does so), and can also be manually “installed,” depending on the specific browser and OS version.

Happy to be corrected by someone more in the know if any of that is not true of the Justin Community site, but that’s the behavior I’m seeing from the site.

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Thanks for sharing that again, JWC, I now recall you sharing that. It seems like that is the case.

Is there a way to check if your phone supports PWA and would it always automatically be made available?

It’s dependent on both your browser and (to some degree) your OS. I believe modern versions of iOS and Android support it. You can check installable PWA browser support here.

If a PWA-configured web site is installable and the browser supports installation, the browser will offer some way to install it. This, too, is browser-dependent. Some will prompt the user with a notification or an alert. Others might only offer a menu option (e.g., some wording for “install” or “add to home screen”).

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I access the site on my phone via my browser, Apple Safari. There is an option on the site if you click on the the hamburger icon that lets you select desktop view or mobile view. In desktop view I have to move the page about with my finger to read a page. In phone view it’s all sized to suit.

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