DDT - Mukha (cover)

Hello everyone!
let me introduce a new cover from me and Mike.
this is a very well-known DDT band in Russia. These guys have always been famous for great music and clever lyrics. The song is called A Fly (Russian word is Mukha). It’s full of great dark humor. According to the authors, the Fly is the crown of evolution and the main beast on Earth))) The lyrics deserve to be published here, and I have tried to make the English translation as accurate as possible, because it is very important for Mike and me.
Thanks to Mike for the cool meaty riffs and virtuoso solo. By the way, the original was released quite recently, in 2021. I hope you enjoy it.
Rock forever!


I look at you poor people – I’m Mukha,

I fly wherever I want.

My sound is authentic to the ear –

I will never shut up.

Two meters from the toilet to the kitchen –

The last frontier of the man,

When I climb into the refrigerator for rotten –

His hand is so gentle…

I am neither good nor evil,

Not good, not bad,

The ancient flesh of being,

I’m sex, I’m the first breath porn,

Hello, buddy, it’s me -


I am the darkness in the stomachs of all continents,

Where it smells like shit – I’m there.

And the feet of your foreign agents -

They keep me warm at night.

Optimists, choleric, monsters, outcasts

They lie in coffins, waiting for the dawn.

I’ll unpack and open all of you,

Relax, I’m so excited.

There are no authorities, even the Pope,

I’ll eat whoever I want.

All my maggots will be winged –

Dance while I’m flying -



I knew everyone from Moses to Buddha,

There are trillions of us, catch if you want.

I was breeding before the Kama Sutra,

After all, whores are children of love.

I’m the top of the food chain,

The meaning of evolution, the most enduring of all.

My brain is commas and dots,

Down - up, left - right, down - up.

My Moment Of Glory is on the forehead of a rock star –

I’ll finish the verse singing with him.

Repellents suck, all your asses

They will not change their fate.





Ооо ДДТ! Суперский кавер ребят))

Been a fan of the band since childhood although I haven’t kept up with the new stuff admittedly. Top notch production as usual Leo! Enjoyed it a lot.

Great cover, lads, and thanks for the translation Leo-
Just the kind of lyrics I like to see floating in my neck of the sewer :wink:
Some genuine buzzing solo work from Mukha-Mike too.

(To top it off, I had to search out the only other fly-song I know, by Les Negresses Vertes, Zobi la mouche :smiley:)

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Always in awe of your productions as they truly sound pro level…some great spacial setup of the individual tracks on this one. Great job.

Another top notch production from the House of Leo, with Mike rocking it up as always.

You guys are just phenomenal.

Спасибо, дружище. ДДТ нашефсё!
Thanks, my frind! 2 days ago there was the 35th anniversary of the first DDT performance at the Leningrad Rock Club. This is already a deep history…
Thank you, Brian! it’s always interesting to read your comments full of humor. I found and listened to a song about a fly from these Frenchmen, and also read the lyrics. Not bad :wink:
Some words coincide with DDT, but I don’t think that the French guys were influencers for the Russian ones :smiley: Especially since there are probably 25 years between these songs.
Thanks a lot, my friend for warm comment.
Thank you and my congrats on your new position!


That was great guys. Well sung well played and well produced. Interesting lyrics but I guess no flies on you two !! :sunglasses: Mukha Mike :rofl: Thank you Brian I’ll need to look for new graphics.

Mike Seb Fly


Top class production, performance, guitar work and vocal as always Leo and Mike.
The lyrics really are quite something!

I remember going to a punk dance in my youth (although I was never a punk) and everyone was doing a dance called the dead fly. You lay on your back on the dance floor and waved your arms and legs in the air!

I’ve never heard of a DDT band before. DDT was what we used call fly spray insecticide.

Nice cover; top notch performance, and I enjoyed the lyrics (thanks for the translation).

Hey Guys,
This is interesting. Normally off English songs don’t move the scale much for me. But this was really good. Production was top notch, vox kind of had a new twist. Guitars were great too and as good as I have heard from Mike! I liked it and DDT is taking out bugs left and right. Take no prisoners on that note. Keep up the good work guys and all the rock’n best to you both!

As always top quality production from you guys, well done! When I first read post’s title I had no idea what this is about, then I read your post and lyrics and suddenly it become apparent. After all Mukha in Polish is Mucha, couldn’t be more obvious :joy:

Oh, yeah, another top-notch production from the duo.
A lot a subtle goings on. Very pleasant. Great job guys.

tobyjenner, sairfingers, J.W.C., LBro, adi_mrok, oldhead49,
thank you so much, guys!

do you have absolutely all the fauna in your assortment? :grinning: Cool!

“DDT” in Russian has the same meaning - insecticide. Thus, the lyrics of this song acquire additional coolness :wink:

haha! we’ll not take a single insect prisoner!

Thanks, I am very glad that you appreciated it.

No but it never takes me long to track some more down !!

Crocodile Rock

SS7, brianlarsen, Rossco01, DavidP, TheMadman_tobyjenner, sairfingers, J.W.C, LBro, adi_mrok, oldhead49,
Many thanks to everyone who came to listen to our new cover, and left great feedback! It was an interesting project, Leo is able to find great musical themes for covers. Hmm … I even learned something new about myself from some community members … I also sometimes like to joke)


Hey guys………
You Rock Kitten

It was ace! :+1::+1::+1:

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