Dead In the Water - Noel Gallagher (Cover)

Hey there folks,

Been out for too long, hopefully I’ll be able to join the next open mic but life is going crazy for me right now.
Here is something I recorded pretty quickly yesterday, not my finest hour.

I’ve been trying to practice the singing more but feeling like I’m failing big time :sweat_smile:

How is everyone in the Community doing? Oh here’s the video, Cheers! :rofl:


Sounded pretty good to me, Kevin. Well beyond me to notice the things that made you think it was not your finest hour or your singing is failing.


Hi Kevin,

Sounded pretty good to me Kevin. If life’s taking you away from your playing/ singing at the moment, its not showing here. Top job.

Cheers Shane

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Kevin your guitar tone is pure heaven, I can’t get enough of it. It makes my heart melt, then I add in your voice and it feels like my heart will break.

So when I read …

… does my experience of your performance put your take give you another perspective?

To be more specific, the tones, the way you played and sang, your presence and ownership of the song, especially the raw humaness of a universal theme that you expressed so well, reached me and reduced me to a blubbering mess.

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Agree with others, nice sound!

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Really heartwarming performance Kev you are definitely being to harsh on yourself. Lovely tone, lovely deep vocals, nice tune before the sleep :smile: keep up the good work!

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So good Kevin. You’re definitely being harsh on yourself.

Your guitar playing was great.

I don’t know why you think you’re failing at singing. Maybe failing at practicing as much as you want to? Your singing is awesome:

  • You sing in tune
  • You have a great tone to your voice
  • You have great volume
  • You’re able to convey the passion of the song in your singing

Really, it’s great.


Hi Kevin,
The memory could let me down so if others want to correct me … no problem at all, but…this sounds like the most “emotional” and best song you sung and played…so fantastic :sunglasses: …so get up take a deep bow and accept the applause and the flowers… :bouquet: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Meh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joking, that was an excellent cover Kevin, loved the playing and singing. I also feel you were being overly harsh on yourself but then we are our own worst critic.

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Hi Kevin. I agree with everyone here, that your performance sounded great. Nice job mate.

Kind of similar to my personal thoughts that I had at the end of last year/start of this year, which led me to taking a long unnecessary break from guitar until I joined here last month.
Hope that you don’t do what I did, and that you keep on playing whenever you can - even if it’s only a couple of times a week.

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Ah, one of my favourite High Flying bird tracks.
Great job all round :ok_hand:

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I think you sounded really good. The tone and timing of the song was very even and well played. I noticed you were playing with a capo, completely understandable with the Gallagher style like wonderwall. His voice is much higher. Have you considered playing in a different key because your voice is lower? Just a subtle thought from a guy who needs a lot of work himself. Don Henley has a higher voice than I can reach so I change the key of his songs to match my voice comfort range. Overall fantastic work. You are very talented!

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@DavidP Appreciate it David, guess we are our worst critics, alwayr hard to get confidence for me.

@sclay Cheers Shane, I hope someday get to the point where I’m completely happy about a performance, but that day has not yet come :sweat_smile:

@batwoman Thank you Maggie, really. To be fair, the tone on the guitar may come to the good job the folks of Epiphone did :rofl:
But in all seriousness, I’m not a very technical player, and I’ve found out through the years that I’m not really interested in that, so I try to play and sing from my emotions as much as I can. Especially this song, which since the first time I listened to I was just transported by it.
So if I was able to make you feel something through my permormance, know I’m very happy.

MiJoy Thank you Mike!

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian, you’re right, it’s a great song to get into bed and have an emotional crisis! :rofl:

@jkahn Thank you JK, like I said, I’m not very confident in my music, although looking back to where I was 1 year or some months ago is a pretty good improvement.
But I still can’t listen to myself without cringing :sweat_smile:
I started the Chris Liepe “Discover your voice” course but I go through it veery slowly, like you said, not practising as much as I should or as I’d like.

@roger_holland Thank you Roger, this song hits me every time and is one that I started messing around with pretty early in my guitar journey, but never got the rhytm quite right and forget about singing it! :sweat_smile:
So I’m very happy that with patiente and not a lot of practice I could finally do it.

@SgtColon That was cheeky Stefan :rofl: Thank you!

@Dro_1 Thanks Sandro, I try to grab the thing even if it’s for a few minutes. It’s tough cause those minutes are what I need to warm up and get the feeling right, but it’s better than nothing.

@Adi66 Thanks Adrian, crazy that it was a bonus track that was recorded almost by accident!

@SDKissFan Thank you Jeff, I actually got the capo 1 fret higher than Mr PotatoFace Gallagher :sweat_smile: Don’t know why, but tried multiple positions and this was the one that I was most comfortable with.

Thanks again for taking the time to listen and do a little review, it’s always great to come back here.

I hope I have sometime this weekend to surf through the AVOUP but I said that before and here we are :sweat_smile:
Again, thanks to everyone and I hope you all have a great day. :tada:


I can empathise, Kevin. And one of the benefits of the Community is to get that feedback from others to go along with your own self-assessment.

I think I have reached the point where I am happy if a performance is near as good as I can do at my current level, while not being delusional as to how ‘good’ that performance is in absolute terms. I am always aware of the odd mistake, not yet good enough to consistently play without the odd mistake, and as long as I keep on playing and, hopefully, the flub is not too obvious then all is good.

I think that is healthy, bottom line, as long as that ‘harshest critic’ doesn’t lead to a loss in motivation and enjoyment then all is OK.

I would suggest keeping it to yourself, accepting the thoughts but not giving a voice to them, either by saying it to a friend or in the intro to a post. Be realistic but I think being outspoken may be unhelpful … but I am not a neuroscientist, so may be way off track.

Took me 12 months to get through the 12 weeks :laughing: and that’s OK. It made a significant difference to my singing ability … still not good enough to call myself a singer but am doing a whole lot better.

And you are doing just great, so keep that doubting Thomas at bay and keep doing what you do!

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Take your time with it Kevin. I started December 2019, it took about 8 months. I still spend time working through modules eg I’ve been re-working module 3 over the past two weeks. Each time I do that I get even more out of it.

You already have the magic ingredient - you’re able to tap into the emotion and meaning of a song - and now you’re gaining skills and the mindset to express even more.

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@DavidP @batwoman thanks to the both of you, the Liepe course is great but also a lot of information, it’s taking very long cause I’m trying to absorb everything right, while with the guitar my approach is more of a hands on and experiment, I’d like to really get to know my voice and learn to control it.

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Hi Kevin! Nice seeing you again :grin: what a cool take on this classic!!
I love how you play those «britpop» songs!
I would say this one is my favourite from you in this type of music…
sounded awsome. Tone,strumming and vocal. All was spot on to me!

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Kevin, I would see the two (CL and JS) as similar. There’s information and theory to learn that are part of the foundation. And both require practice and doing. From fairly early in the DYV course I was making recordings and sharing in the lesson comments. Chris was fully engaged and present and provided invaluable feedback and encouragement.

I did share a few of those recordings on my YT channel. And I’d say my ‘graduation’ was the vocal tracks I recorded in my original song, Self Destruction (Wine, Women, ‘n’ Song), which is also on my channel or one of the earliest AVOYPs I re-posted on the new Community Platform.

I generally don’t like to emphasize my own recordings in other’s posts, but maybe you’ll find it encouraging to listen to my earliest attempts to sing and the results of my year in DYV.

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Really enjoyed that Kevin, well played (and sung). This is my favourite HFB song and is on my to learn list. :+1:

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This sounds great to me. Your rhythm is steady, voice is strong, tone is great, and you put feeling into it.

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