Dear Tele owners, what about that darn pickup switch knob?

Hello everyone,

I assumed it was only me, but looking around the internet this appears to be a common problem among teles: the pickup switch know just fells off. All. The. Time.

I found this tip (a lot of videos with it) but I couldn’t quite make it work.

Any other advide/solutions to this minor but annoying issue?


Hey Kevin,

Cant say its ever happened on my tele ( touchwood :slightly_smiling_face:). I was always hitting mine initially, till my strumming shortened up. Wonder I didnt knock it off.
What about a sliver of paper, or similar? Visit to the guitar shop for another better fitting one? I’d be avoiding the glue route.

Cheers, Shane

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This issue to my mind is the only flaw in the Tele design; too near the controls. This is one of the better solutions I have seen.

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The pincers idea is good for a plastic knob, but do it a bit at a time until you get a reasonable grip that’s not too difficult to get off. I had a metal knob with a grub screw made that was anodised gloss black, end of problems!

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Could you not wrap some PTFE tape around the silver bit that the black end sits on? That should help it stay in place.

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Problem is that if it’s tight enough when you push the knob on the tape moves, anything you put in there unless it’s fixed will move before you get a decent wedge effect. At one point I did superglue a thin wedge of wood on the switch blade but it’s got a tendency to split the knob if it’s too thick (no don’t ask how I know :joy:).


I’ve never had this issue with my Tele.
I did have this though with my Epiphone Flamekat and found a bit of tape on the shaft did the trick.

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thank you everyone, I’ll try the tape route! This issue surprised me a lot, never imagined I’d encounter it.