December 2023 (Updated! AGAIN! Lol!), Heart Shaped Box Studio - The Chain Studio Recording

Don’t stress about the tag, Bytron.

Congrats oin putting together another multi-track cover. It is a lot of work to produce plus video recording and editing.

You took care of the one area I felt could be improved in the phone recording, that single note line.

Mix is always subjective and often depends what the producer was aiming for. With that in mind I have a few things that might be an improvement.

  1. The acoustic guitar perhaps lowered a few dB
  2. Check the bass track. It’s level and presence in the mix seemed inconsistent. I liked the moments when it was coming through strong.
  3. The kick sounded like it might benefit from some EQ and maybe a touch of reverb.

As I say, subjective comments and I enjoyed a second listen to a classic tune.

Hi Byron - I wouldn’t say it’s ‘better’ as I really like the pared back acoustic version. However it was certainly well put together and I enjoyed it, clearly a lot of work went into that … now if you had put the bass riff on the studio version … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips David! I’m still learning how to edit the sound in my DAW, advice greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile: Glad you liked it!!

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Great stuff Byron!! You have really stepped up the game on youre productions :grin::ok_hand:

Thanks tRONd :smiley:

I liked the “cabin/utility building/procrastination room” version best. Sometimes stripped down and simple is better. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work on that one! Lindsay Buckingham still intimidates me so I’m quite impressed. Are you singing in a higher key in the iphone version? Vocals sound much better to me in that version - better suited to the song and to your register. Amazing that you’re coaxing all that sound out of just one guitar. Keep it up!

LMFAO!!! CT Thats great haha! Thanks man!

Yeah its a higher key in the iphone version. I def know i sing better in that key its just all moved up a fret as well. Only reason i recorded the studio version is because its in the original key. I play along with the song and recorded it while i was listening lol. I know I know… I guess thats kinda cheating lmao. I would have done it like my iphone version but i have a hard time keeping rhythm without listening to the real thing. Thanks man!!! Im glad you liked it!!!

I liked both versions, I think you really did the song justice! Found myself clapping and singing along, so you have got some good rhythm.

Good to hear you getting your feet wet on some more involved productions. If you want work you should have joined one of our projects. Some had 20 to maybe over 100 combined hours in them for 3 mins of audio and video. Thus, count yourself in good company and keep up the good job.

Just MHO, but you might get a better mix by drying it out some. Live should have some amp sim(s) in it and that could be used to put on some delay instead of all the verb. Not sure what Live has for vocals. But you can pick up a cheap plug from Waves, called CLA Vocals. Old Scooter Trash once told me that plug was like cheating on vocals. It sounds great. Again it could help you dry things out and put on some delay and compression too.

That said, nice work on your play and vox. The bonus was the pads work for the beat! Lets not forget the keys! Do realize as you add more tracks, your mixing job gets exponentially harder…

Merry Christmas and Happy NY,

Thanks LBro!! I would love to collab on one of yalls projects just hit me up and let me know!!! :slight_smile: Wow!! No wonder your projects sound so good lol. I throw all mine together in a couple hours lol. Yeah Im loving this mixing pad its so fun haha!! Im still learning the ropes to this DAW I have and trying to figure out all the sounds and such it can do. Thanks man! Hope you have a Merry Xmas and happy NY as well! :smiley:

Question!! Can i use those plugins for Live? Sorry still learning it lol.

Thanks Trish glad you liked it!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for commenting!

I’m enjoying watching your progress in the DAW and in your videos. I find some good tips in your video too on how to add and place the separate clips. Glad you’re back. Oh and I like your studio-in -progress.

Thanks Pkboo!!! :slight_smile: Im happy you can find some tips and advice in my videos! Thanks so much!! Just updated with heart shaped box as well guys!!! :smiley:

@DavidP Hey David!!! So what you think about the heart shaped box song? I tried to get everything leveled and smooth. Any advice appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Check out Heartshaped Box as well! Think its one of my best!!! :wink: @mathsjunky @skinnyt @roger_holland @CT @jkahn @SILVIA @LBro @tRONd @jestersea @Trish_S

Love the Heart-Shaped Box, really well put together!

Thanks kris! Glad you liked it! Have a merry Xmas and happy NY! :smiley: