December 2023 (Updated! AGAIN! Lol!), Heart Shaped Box Studio - The Chain Studio Recording

Hey guys!! I know I haven’t been on in a while but here’s a recording I did this morning with my phone, wanted to use my studio but couldn’t lol. Enjoy!! Heres my studio recording of the short version, has rhythm, bass, drums, and vocals!!! :slight_smile: Remastered… and EDITED again! :slight_smile:

Just in time for Heart Shaped Box Whooo! Check it out guys!!! :slight_smile: Here it is!!! I know my drums arent in sync for some reason they were and now they are not in the video! Enjoy!!


Love it - great arrangement … yours? … but where’s the bass riff !?! :slight_smile:

Right lol I just wanted to do a short version. May do it again eventually with it!!

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That was great Byron. Liked the guitar body slaps, they really added to your version. Well done. Good to see you back here. We’ve missed you!

Good to hear from you again, Bytron, enjoyed that, guitar sounded good on the riff. You could perhaps dig in a little more on the single note run to make it a little louder.

Thanks David! I know the sound isnt the best as i could not use my studio, my bro was asleep so I had to record with my phone. I’d like to do this though for sure and finish it all the way through, would be fun!!! Cheers!

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I was wondering where you had got to. Glad to see you back again with another great song and well played as usual.

Hi Byron,
Good one :sunglasses: I really liked that playing :sunglasses:

Thanks guys!!! :slight_smile:

There he is…back in the cabin banging out the juicy, thumpy reverb covers. Well done sir. Don’t stay away so long next time. :slight_smile:

That sounded great Byron. Loved it.

Sounds great! Loved that percussive hit!

LOL! Wish it were a cabin haha! Its my utility building that ive been meaning to turn into my studio, just havnt got to it Lol. Im the biggest procrastinator in the world! Thanks man! Good to hear from ya!

Thanks man!!

Thanks Silvia!!! :slight_smile:

Good sound on your phone mate. Did you put it into the DAW to process and put on some verb? Or is that just the room acoustics I hear?

That room had me wondering what you were up to. No insulation in the walls and a bit bare studded. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It will be good to see it completed and turned into your studio!

All the best to you and have a great new year!

Hey LBro!!! Nah i didnt put it in a DAW i just downloaded a reverb app on the phone lol. Yeah ive had the building for like 3 years now, still not finished LOL! Thanks for commenting!!!

Thanks sairs! Yeah its been awhile for sure! Lol. Good to hear from you as well! Hope your still jamming!

Just updated and showing my studio daw version of The Chain!!! :smiley:

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Anyone listen to it?

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Sorry for tagging just excited for yall to hear my studio version!! :slight_smile: I think its way better! I worked pretty hard on it!! :smiley:

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