Decisions, any advice?

I used to play bass guitar some 40 years ago. My father had a early 60’s Fender Jazz Master bass and a early 60’s strat and tele that he would let me play.

I am getting close to retiring and wanted to take up the guitar again. This time I want to go acoustic electric. I’m currently looking at an Ibanez and a Mitchell.

The Mitchell is made of Mahogany (including the neck), and is a little cheaper than the Ibanez.

I’m aware of Ibanez’s popularity but not Mitchell’s. Any advice as to what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

For me, I like an acoustic with a slightly wider nut width.

Best to link specific guitars, what kind of thing you want to play?
Here is the Mitchell. Still looking for the Ibanez.

I’ve never heard of Mitchell, so impossible to tell if good or not. However it is really cheap. One of the retailers linked from that page says $250 aussie, around US$175 (the websites auto convert for me here in oz).

Ibanez is also known for electrics.

Knowing nothing about those guitars I would suggest you consider Yamaha which IMHO make the best price to performance guitars (i.e. bang for buck) and mass produce many, many instruments. At that price I’d also suggest you look for just an acoustic, or just an electric if you’d prefer, as you’re unlikely to get good pickups and a good guitar for that cheap.

BUT the most important thing is: go and try them, feel them, see what you prefer the look, feel and sound of.


This, sure you are not the most experienced player but you’ve played a little, its so important to go and hold, feel, listen too and play a guitar unless you know exactly what you are going after


I’ve already played both and I like how they feel in my hand and the sound is great on both. I’ll go down to GC later this week and get the model number on the Ibanez.
Here’s the Ibanez.

Bill, best advice so far is to play before buying. Both the guitars you’ve shared seem good choices just based on specs. I did notice that they are different different designs: dreadnought and parlor. That is not a big deal, just an observation, and may influence your playing experience.

A quick Google, with the usual caveat that all you read on the internet is not necessarily true, tells me that Mitchell is a GC house-brand, made in (probably) China, with no red flags associated.

When in GC it may be worth trying other brands in the budget range. The ultimate is to end up with the guitar that you just know is the one that calls to you, that inspires you to play. If the Ibanez or Mitchell is that guitar then you have your answer. Maybe in trying others you may stumble over a different option.

Have fun and look forward to hearing your final choice.

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Thanks everyone.

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