Deep Purple - Maybe I'm A Leo

Hi Roman,
Good to see you here and thanks for checking out my song.
Listening back you are right about the reverb. I wanted to get a very soft lead tone, like on the album, but his tone is probably more about the speakers he used, the Marshall Major 200W amp and the way the speakers were miked up. I tried to “emulate” that with reverb, but probably went a bit too far :wink:

I only did the two guitar parts, the other parts were individual stems from a site called karaoke-version. I had planned to do the bass as well, since I now have one hanging on the wall that I need to try out, but in the end I got impatient and after recording guitars decided to mix it and move on to the next thing :wink:

Here’s another guitar only render (tell me if I should stop :slight_smile: )

A few interesting notes for this one:

  • This is the sound of a cranked Marshall Plexi. The sound of 70/80s rock’n’roll if you ask me. Notice how fat and wooly it sounds. The amp is so loud that it’s only possible for me to use it because of modern day technology such as reactive loadboxes and IRs. Imagine how loud these guys played back in the day, on those old records!?! :slight_smile:
  • If you listen really close to much Deep Purple rhythm work you’ll hear the same approach in many songs. Often Richie simply plays quarter notes, single notes, during verses. Leaving much room for keys and vocals. Then inject a few cool blues licks here and there… and of course all those awesome solos. Love it!

Nah mate don’t stop. I think its great for me as a beginner that you point out the things to think about when listening to your recordings. How long have you been playing and do you have any of your band songs online to listen to?

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Hi there, glad you enjoyed my rantings!
I’ve been playing for a long time. Most of my life actually… started around 8 or 10 years old, and I have to admit that’s a while ago by now :slight_smile:

I don’t really have much band stuff online, but tons of covers on my SoundCloud profile if you’re interested.
Something in pretty much any genre there!

Thanks for sharing, Kasper, really interesting to hear just the guitar track.

Of the British heavy rock big three, Purple is my favourite. And on YT seems to me as if Blackmore doesn’t get as much air-time as is warranted by his playing.