Deep Purple - Maybe I'm A Leo

Hi all,

As some of you know I’m a huge Deep Purple fan and some of my playing style is inspired by the great Richie Blackmore. I love most of the Deep Purple albums, but one in particular has been a favorite of mine - Machine Head.
I love pretty much all songs on that album and have already covered a few of them.

I’ve always been fond of “Maybe I’m A Leo” and really wanted to cover it at some point. It’s basically “just” a blues, but the groove and vocals are so nice… not to mention the awesome solos.

This version have me playing all guitar parts over backing stems (drums, bass, keys and vocals) from karaoke-version.

Hope you like it!


Another fine bit of axe-wielding from the land of the ice and snow… :smiley:
It sounds like a pro production to my ears.
I love Deep Purple, but strangely don’t know a lot of their stuff.
I was quite surprised at the poor lyric writing… but then again it’s all about the performance, innit :wink:

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I didn’t like it, I loved it! Such amazing guitar work, wow. I didn’t know this song so I looked it up, and I have to agree with Brian on the lyric writing :laughing:


Absolutely spot on with this !! Can’t say owt else :+1:

Great album but my preference is In Rock. Back in the day no one cared about the iffy lyrics, the music was just so darn good.

Next ?



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Wow, that was absolutely magic! I’ve not really listened to that track much so had to go have a listen to it for comparison; why did I bother…. I couldn’t hear any real difference between you and them.
More please :+1::+1::+1:

That was amazing Kasper. I could have been listening to Deep Purple! Outstanding playing and production.

In Rock was my favourite album. I think I wore it out back in the day!

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Fantastic Kasper, really great cover love to hear stuff coming from you over the evening :slight_smile:

Stellar as always, Kasper.

Machine Head, In Rock and the incredible Made In Japan … Purple are my favourite of the British Big Three of that era. Some great tunes on the first three Mk I albums as well.

As for lyrics … not really the point with many hard rockers. I think I recall Ian Gillan saying something along lines that Purple are really an instrumental band that allow me to sing along a bit.

Also recall Steve Morse talking about being surprised at how good they were musically when he first met them to initially stand-in to fulfill some commitments and that Gillan was quite happy hanging out while they jammed.

That was superb Kasper, very professional.

I am another how doesn’t know very much Deep purple but I enjoyed the song. Yes, maybe duff lyrics but these day’s you get duff lyrics and duff music. :smiley:

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Thanks everyone! Ha ha, yeah the lyrics aren’t exactly deep poetry I guess :wink:
Thinking on it, many DP songs are probably like that…

It’s funny, but I very rarely notice these kinds of things. I don’t think I focus much on the meaning of the words in music, probably hear the lyrics/vocal performance more as part of the melodies going on within the song. I probably also focus way too much the instruments (and, of course, the guitar parts in particular).

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Haha, my brother only listens to the drums :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Top quality stuff Kasper. Absolutely spot on to my ears.

Sounded really fun to play - might be something I should look at someday soon.

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hello Casper!
super cover of a great song.
how nice it is to remember everything.
and it’s great to have you - a famous Deep Purple fan!
Leo (unrelated to the song title)))))

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I always wanted to have you sing the track Leo, but I remember you declined because Gillian is fairly high pitched. Would have been just my kind of humor though to have you! :grinning:

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Hi Kasper,
Catching up on this end and it was good to run into this one! It has been a while, but DP is one of my fav bands. I don’t recall this one much, though I do recall the album name. Great guitar work you have going on here and I like what you did. Good production too.

Keep cranking in 22’ and all the best as you rock on!

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Really nicely played and recorded! And inspirational for beginners like me too. Thanks for sharing. Love DP and this song had dropped off my playlist for too long. Time to add it back or maybe just bookmark your version :wink:

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I admit this isn’t my type of music, but nonetheless I really enjoyed it…

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Hi Kasper,
ACE, BUT too much reverb on the first lead :wink:
Lord’s keys - was it you playing :upside_down_face:?

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Hey the mix Meister has arrived ! Good to see you Roman.

Nailed that one clear down to the bejesus belts! Rock solid as always. Very deep and very purple, well done sir!

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