Dee's Learning Log

Copying over to new community:

Started with Justin Guitar March 2021

So. I’ve been wanting to learn the guitar since I was a teenager and I was given a guitar. I mucked around by myself for a while, had some lessons but didn’t get anywhere so gave it away. Fast forward 30 years and I thought I’d try again. Same same just couldn’t seem to do it. I had lots of excuses “I was left handed trying to play right handed” “I’ve got short fat fingers” - you know the drill. Reality was I just didn’t practice.

Another 10 years passes by and I’ve decided to try again. This time I’m determined. I started the Justin Guitar course in March 2021 and have been working through the lessons and practicing everyday. I even got passed the dreaded “F” chord. I’m now onto power chords. I’ve stalemated here a little.

I downloaded the app and have been having fun playing along with the songs. I guess it’s still practice and I have learnt some new strumming patterns and am learning to keep time better.

I’ve started this roadcase so I can hopefully update it along the way to show myself how far I’ve come. Fingers crossed for improvement. :)

First videos :o

Repertoire Revision

Working on

Current Status module 13

This was so scary and my face (what you can see of it) is totally in concentration mode. All critique welcome.

Current Status: Beginner grade 2 consolidation:
Practicing with app every day
Working on yucky (ones I struggle with “F”) chords
Looking for an easy song for lead guitar
Trying to play Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
Practicing percussion strum and thumb over top of neck for D and A
Enjoying every minute :smiley:


This is very inspiring, Dee! Your strumming looks good, the fingerpicking on House of the Rising Sun also looked really good. And congrats for playing to the end of the songs, that’s something I need to work on more.


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Keep it going Dee!
I am also at the consolidation phase of Grade 2. Justin says to take 3 to 6 months to do the consolidation and get everything up to speed. I don’t know about you, but I am fast approaching 68 so I may cut that 3 - 6 months down some so I can get on to the blues :sunglasses:

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Looking good to me Dee, your doing OK - keep up with the practicing!
A reasonable song for a not too difficult Lead guitar part is Link Wray - Rumble.

There’s probably some TAB on Songsterr if not you may find further info on YT!
p.s. it’s the first one!

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Enjoyed reminding myself of your journey, Dee.

You’ve made great progress, keep doing what you’re doing and I look forward to updates here and in AVOYP.

BTW, how do you prefer to be addressed: Dee or Dennise … I’m not sure based on your profile and the ttitle of the RC. I do like to address people in the way that they prefer.

Thank you David. I’m from Australia so it’s rare that anyone call you by your right name especially when it’s as long as Dennise :rofl: Most call me D and that’s fine.


Maaaaaate :grin:

Glad you’ve migrated your RC. Bonza bewdy :bat:


Can someone translate ?? :wink:

Well what a Roadcase Dee ? Three debut AOVYP that’s the way to go. Is that an ART120 you have there ? Looks really nice. Enjoyed the vids nice and solid throughout, so you are making good progress. Looking forward to hearing more. I’ve updated the OM6 roster in light of the identity revelation and you are now down as Dee, hate to be too formal !!



That looked good, Dennise. You’re well on the path, and I can evidence of good practice in a variety of areas. I also liked how you kept time with your foot and kept your strumming arm in motion even when you weren’t playing the strings. Well done!

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Very nice RC Dee, enjoyed reading it and enjoyed listening to your recordings. Clearly you made a good progress and if you keep at it you will become even better! :slight_smile: all the best.

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Thanks for that Toby. :smiley:

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Hey friend, glad you’ve migrated This is first rate, excellent, (American’s would say ‘awesome’) I’m excited, you little beauty. :kangaroo:

Comprendre? :grin:


You mean you are stoked​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Nice little backstory you shared - typical of many I think, so it’s great to see you here, and doing really well too. Great start on all of those songs - I’m going to suggest though that you turn your guitar up so we can hear more of you! :slight_smile:


Thanks Mari. Will do that next time. I only did the video using my computer microphone.

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Dee, if you have a reasonably modern mobile phone you may find you get a better result, both video and audio, using that. And of late when I had need to make a quick video with just my phone, I found it easy to upload by sharing the video to my YT channel.

Thanks David. I do have a new phone and will keep that in mind. I did upload the video to yt and post the link as that was the only way I seemed to be able to do it.

Really loved the House of the rising sun finger picking song you did here Dee.
Your start date of Justins courses does not vary much from my start, however I’m not there with finger picking yet. But you inspire me to have a real quick look into learning that as well.

Keep on going!

Hi Milifax. Definitely give it a go. I use the app to play along with. I slowed it down a lot in the beginning and couldn’t make the whole song as my hands would cramp up. I think by the time I did the video I was around 90% on the bpm. I also used to just sit and do the finger picking whilst watching TV. Good luck on you journey.

Just updating my learning log: Current status: Beginner grade 3. Having my first face to face lesson tomorrow and very excited. :smiley:

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