Dentists of JG tell me about the PRS SE custom 24

OK sill looking for a single coil sound but.

I’ve been finding quite a few HH guitars with splittable pickups.

Looking at a schecter c-1 exotic about $2k here but for that I think I can get an SE 24 custom or 24-08 whatever the difference is.

I find PRS a confusing mess of guitars ( less so than ibanez

So any input?

Can one do a H sound and S with the same guitar?

Which is the best option?

SE is generally the budget line for PRS. Budget doesn’t mean poorly made, my Tremonti SE is a very nice guitar with a pretty sound.

I have an Epiphone SG with splittable coils. Cant say the split coil sounds quite right. The guitar sounds SG-like, not tele or strat-like. Be sure to investigate the sound before you invest in the split coils.

Yeah am going too prs is one brand I can actually get hands on with here.

SE is the student edition still pretty spendy, looks like the schecter offers a little more value

Rob, just an idea:
If the budget is 2k usd, why don’t you get a cheap guitar and spend the difference on aftermarket pickups? You could try a whole bunch of them and find something you can keep. Sell the rest (or return if the return policy allows) to recoup some of your capital and put that back in to get a better made guitar.
Just floating the idea. :wink:

Ah budget would be around $2k nzd or $1k usd

Might go back to the partscaster build tbh

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Hmm perhaps add those to an existing guitar…

Maybe look at Hagstrom Guitars. Several models have coil split functions, the Ultra Max Series and the Swedes do. Maybe check out this video, where several positions are played in the splitted option for some sound impressions of the Swede

And there is a similar video of James Frankland for the Ultra Max

Maybe that helps?

Thanks everyone, swung back to doing a partscaster build for now!